On “the biggest bar night of the year,” we take a look back at 1916’s Michigan vote to outlaw beer and hard liquor.

Federal agents were deployed to prevent fraud in one of our state’s most-contested elections — a race that totally overshadowed the Presidential campaign on the same ballot. Thanks to a former drunk who had found God, even “Wet Detroit” went for Prohibition, forcing local brewery and bar owners to find alternative livelihoods.

Get the whole story from WWJ Newsradio 950’s Joe Donovan in his Detroit History report:

  1. hempangle says:

    They are still cutting up their spouse’e and people are deing of cancer faster than the mugs of beer can be drank.They did manage to make cannabis illegal though and this is the one drug that can cure the cancers a person gets from drinking all this rot gutt.So be it.Die

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