By Jeff Riger

It’s always nice to walk into the studios in Farmington Hills and be pleasantly surprised by my favorite celebrity Erin Cummings.  Of course you know Cummings from “Detroit 187” but after doing an extensive search about my make-believe girlfriend, I also found out that among numerous other things: She was on the show “Nip Tuck” which just made me love her even more.  As her fans will already know, the lovely Cummings was seen in Season 6 where she and Dr. Christian Troy had, ahhh, I will just say it…sex!  It was quality!

wpid imagejpeg 3 4 Jeff Riger: A Hollywood Chick So Wants Me

But I digress. The reason for this blog is to display the latest pictures that myself and Cummings took early Wednesday morning.  One of the pics, you might enjoy as we reenacted the infamous “two-handed heart” pic from my much criticized engagement photos.  You can also see my awesome mustache, something that I have been growing to support Movember.  Feel free to donate for men’s health, mainly prostate cancer research, at

wpid imagejpeg 4 2 Jeff Riger: A Hollywood Chick So Wants Me

As for Erin Cummings, make sure to check her out in “Pan Am,” currently airing on ABC every Sunday.  She also is very active in her charity called “Mittens For Detroit” which distributes new gloves and mittens to children and adults in the city of Detroit.  Check it out at


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