10:26 AM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: Hello everyone and welcome to the Live Chat with Stoney. Stoney will be joining us shortly

10:28 AM  JHoward: cool

10:29 AM  Stoney971 ban: whats up everyone

10:30 AM  Max ban: hey stoney!

10:30 AM  JHoward: I’m high off those Wings wins.  Jimmy’s a beast!

10:30 AM  Stoney971: hi MAx,Jhoward..i hope all had a great thanksgiving

10:30 AM  Stoney971: He is playing great

10:30 AM  DJ: Stoney the man how are you

10:31 AM  Stoney971: good DJ

10:31 AM  JHoward: That I did.  Was disappointed to see a Lions loss, but we sure look beat up right now.  These injuries don’t help.

10:31 AM  Max: I got a question, who are the detroit sports writers that vote for MVP

10:31 AM  DJ: Stoney, go ahead and give it to me. I am the one who guaranteed that the Lions would beat the Packers twice this year

10:31 AM  Stoney971: for baseball the mvp voters i think were lynn henning and john paul morosi

10:32 AM  Stoney971: DJ..i still think they may be able to beat them in Lambeau if GB has nothing to play for

10:33 AM  ChrisWojo: Stoney…I don’t get to listen too much in the morning, so if you’ve talked about it, sorry…but if you had a vote for AL MVP who’d you vote #1-#3?

10:33 AM  Stoney971: yes TUMM

10:34 AM  Stoney971: if i had a vote chris i would have gone…jv,ellsbury,cabrera

10:34 AM  faht1: bcs stands for… bull cr@p system

10:34 AM  Stoney971: its not boring at all..i just dont have the time to watch as many out of town games

10:35 AM  Stoney971: the problem is except for football the regular seasons have become practically meaningless..i am like wake me up when the playoffs stary

10:36 AM  Max: especially the NHL

10:36 AM  ChrisWojo: Stoney – Describe your at home man cave?  When you’ve got a busy sunday afternoon of football, what’s up?  I’m picturing you in your basement…NASA like wall of TV’s and such.

10:36 AM  faht1 ban: is it just me or is the bcs countdown show the worst thing on t.v?

10:36 AM  Max ban: no Fox pregame show is for NFL

10:36 AM  faht1 ban: yes thats pretty bad Max

10:36 AM  Stoney971 ban: i have one big screen and 2 small tv’s…but no NFL TIcket cause i am at all the Lions games

10:37 AM  Stoney971 ban: Yes it counts

10:37 AM  Stoney971 ban: anytime you beat the hairless nuts it counts

10:38 AM  Max ban: They obviously still count..

10:38 AM  Stoney971 ban: they did in my book…and they did with the majority of the fan base

10:39 AM  Max ban: As a student at MSU, i can tell you that our wins at Michigan in 08, and 09 felt just as good as it would of been when Mich had a good team

10:39 AM  Stoney971 ban: 7 years is a big *** gorilla to get off your back..i have no problem with it

10:39 AM  faht1 ban: I agree Max

10:39 AM  DJ ban: Stoney, what is your opinion on the Suh situation? I am upset with him that he would do something so StUHpid…lol

10:39 AM  Stoney971 ban: and Max it should feel good

10:39 AM  JHoward: Stoney, would you guys be interested in mentioning a Vote for Jimmy campaign?  He’s playing well and perhaps that would make for some great discussion to talk about why he isn’t on the ballot.

10:39 AM  JHoward: http://www.wingingitinmotown.com/2011/11/14/2561642/vote-for-jimmy-howard

10:40 AM  Max ban: Tumm, calm down

10:40 AM  Stoney971 ban: Suh was stupid and selfish

10:40 AM  Stoney971 ban: lets not get too bothered about all star games

10:41 AM  Steven Rickington has been banned by CBSDetroitModerator.

10:41 AM  CBSDetroitModerator cleared messages from user Steven Rickington.

10:41 AM  faht1 ban: What SUH did… is done in hockey all the time not the stomping but the bad cross checks…etc

10:41 AM  Steven Rickington ban: Mean

10:41 AM  JHoward: what about just for some recognition?

10:41 AM  DJ ban: Yes he was and he has had too many penalties that have cost us…now do not get me wroong. I think he is an awesome player and I love him being aggressive but there is a line you have to draw

10:41 AM  DJ ban: StUHpid

10:41 AM  Steven Rickington ban: Very mean

10:41 AM  Stoney971 ban: you cant compare sports

10:42 AM  Chad ban: mr. stone..do you like the idea of the tigers getting buehrle?

10:42 AM  spartacus46 ban: MSU will be in the same spot they were in before Mark Dantonio got there since Urban Meyer and Hoke will swallow up all the recruits.

10:42 AM  Stoney971 ban: yes

10:42 AM  Steven Rickington ban: Do you guys think it’s cool that Hoke wears short sleeves?

10:42 AM  DJ ban: So I would assume Fairley wil lstart correct?

10:42 AM  jbeach ban: Spartans win on Saturday night….national media disrespecting big time Dantonio should have plenty of bulletin board material

10:42 AM  faht1 ban: Do you think its cool that Dantonio trys to talk tough?

10:42 AM  Stoney971 ban: DJ i assume you are correct

10:43 AM  Steven Rickington ban: “trys

10:43 AM  Steven Rickington ban: ”

10:43 AM  Steven Rickington ban: I think Hoke

10:43 AM  Steven Rickington ban: is very cool

10:43 AM  benrap32 ban: Stoney, thoughts on the upcomming NBA season?

10:43 AM  Stoney971 ban: lets not get carried away mr spartacus. i think Dantonio will still be able to recruit

10:43 AM  faht1 ban: I wished the NBA folded

10:44 AM  Stoney971 ban: benrap i think 66 games is perfect..makes the regular season more meaningful

10:44 AM  benrap32 ban: Its a chat room tumm, what r u and english professor?

10:44 AM  Steven Rickington ban: Serious question that I’m sure Stoney doesn’t know the answer to:  Do you have to be in the top 14 of the BCS to be invited?

10:44 AM  Stoney971 ban: no you dont steven

10:44 AM  Max ban: Tumm, are you like 8?

10:45 AM  Steven Rickington ban: As an at large?  You’re positive?

10:45 AM  Max ban: you’re a pig

10:45 AM  spartacus46 ban: Dantonio will recruit, but the tide has changed.  I dont think he will be able to compete with the real rivalry teams, Michigan and OSU

10:45 AM  DJ ban: Yes Hey Stoney I have an idea

10:45 AM  Steven Rickington ban: Guy’s won 4 straight against UM.  Should’ve been 5.  Poor Dantonio.

10:46 AM  Tumm Fahlurdo has been banned by CBSDetroitModerator.

10:46 AM  CBSDetroitModerator cleared messages from user Tumm Fahlurdo.

10:46 AM  DJ ban: Stoney, how about we put Wojo in to take Suh’s place…lol

10:46 AM  faht1 ban: ty

10:46 AM  Stoney971 ban: that is incorrect..hold on while i find my notes from the show.

10:47 AM  jbeach ban: spartcus….ye of of little faith…we will see what Dantonio is made of

10:47 AM  Steven Rickington ban: “He won’t be able to compete”.  Dude has won FOUR IN A ROW, in mostly dominating fashion.  These awful fans who outright refuse to give credit.

10:48 AM  spartacus46 ban: spartacus is not in reference to the MSU spartans, but the movie spartacus…loved it…GO BLUE!

10:48 AM  benrap32 ban: I would assume you have to be in the top 14 to make  bcs game. it makes sense

10:48 AM  DJ ban: WOJO to be the replacement defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions while StUHpid goes for anger management and serves a well deserved suspension. I think his fine should have been higher than 25 thousa

10:48 AM  Max ban: Go Green!

10:48 AM  benrap32 ban: amen max

10:48 AM  Max ban: East Lansing > Ann Arbor

10:48 AM  faht1 ban: MSU and Mich fans should be proud after year like this

10:49 AM  benrap32 ban: but then again what makes sense about the BCS

10:49 AM  faht1 ban: BCS is got to go… ESPN promotes this crap

10:50 AM  DJ ban: Anyone else like WOJO being the replacement defensive tackle? Lol

10:50 AM  Steven Rickington ban: DJ.  Your joke was terrible the first time.  STop.

10:50 AM  Stoney971 ban: the team must finish in the top 14  to get an at large unless there is only one team from its conference in the top 14..so if only one finishes in top 14 micihgan can get at large if its in top 178

10:50 AM  Stoney971: top 18

10:50 AM  DJ ban: Sorry Steven…just having some fun.

10:50 AM  dennyp3 ban: Stoney, how much of an injustice do you think it is that Suh is going to be suspended but Charles Woodsen was not when he punched a dude in the nads?

10:50 AM  faht1 ban: lol DJ

10:51 AM  Steven Rickington ban: Stoney, that sounds correct since Georgia and South Carolina are also in the top 14, and it’s likely that neither one will be selected for a BCS game.

10:51 AM  Stoney971 ban: sorry for the delay..thus whoever loses the MSU game will drop out of the top 14 and give Michigan an opening

10:51 AM  Stoney971 ban: Does this make sense to everyone

10:51 AM  faht1 ban: I guess Stoney. Fans should boycot bcs games

10:52 AM  Max ban: yes, but its do dumb

10:52 AM  Max ban: i dont think the championship games should count for the BCS

10:52 AM  benrap32 ban: i get it but i dont at the same time, cut the college season by 2 games and have a playoff format. would be so much more entertaining

10:52 AM  Steven Rickington ban: I don’t believe the loser will drop out though.  That’s the issue.  The point differential is .5369 for MSU to .431 for UM.  Is a loss to antoher top 15 team going to drop MSU THAT much behind?

10:52 AM  Stoney971 ban: sorry Max..MSU campus>UM campus   Ann Arbor>EL,,,,

10:52 AM  Max ban: fair enough

10:52 AM  DJ ban: Steven knows his stats…great job

10:53 AM  Stoney971 ban: i think whoever loses will because it will be a 3 loss team and the voters will probably drop them at least a few spots

10:53 AM  Stoney971 ban: now if you are asking me who is a better team i think its MSU over UM..but i think that UM will get to a BCS game before the loser of the Big 10

10:54 AM  Stoney971 ban: title game

10:54 AM  Steven Rickington ban: I wonder if K-State would be selected ahead of UM.  They’re WAY ahead in the BCS standings as well.  You’ll have LSU, Bama, Ok St/OU winner, Oregon, Stanford, Va Tech, Houston, Wisconsin/MSU, K-St…

10:54 AM  Steven Rickington ban: Crappy Big East winner…

10:54 AM  Steven Rickington ban: That’s 10.

10:55 AM  faht1 ban: Wisconsin 31, MSU 20 Sat

10:55 AM  Steven Rickington ban: Pretty much boils down to K-State or UM.

10:56 AM  Steven Rickington ban: OH.  We’re done.  Shoot.

10:57 AM  Stoney971 ban: i think its about drawing power and UM has more than KSU..i know thats unfair but that may happen

10:57 AM  jbeach ban: stony why cant msu beat wisc

10:57 AM  Steven Rickington ban: Would be BRUTAL for K-State to be passed up when they’ll be 3-5 spots ahead in the rankings.  What a messed up system.

10:58 AM  DJ ban: I hate BCS

10:58 AM  Stoney971 ban: i think they can, but i would favor WISKY..i cant believe the line is up to 9 1/2 though

10:59 AM  Steven Rickington ban: The line is hilarious.  These people who think Wisconsin is great for some reason….  Why?

10:59 AM  faht1 ban: I cant see MSU winning 3 straight

10:59 AM  Stoney971 ban: thanks everyone..see ya next week and lets hope we can talk about 2 Michigan teams in the BCS and a Lion upset in New Orleans

10:59 AM  DJ ban: Have a great day Stoney

11:00 AM  Stoney971 ban: u2

11:00 AM  faht1 ban: good day

11:00 AM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: Thanks to everyone who joined the chat. Stoney will be chatting again next Monday


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