While Urban Meyer is a great hire for the Buckeyes, he is the second best available coach for the Ohio State program. The best available coach is currently on the staff of the Indianapolis Colts and his name is Tressel. Jim Tressel.

Tressel reigned over Michigan for ten seasons, winning nine games over the Wolverines, and (perhaps secondarily to Buckeye fan), won six straight B1G titles, a national championship and played for two more. Those results: nothing short of spectacular in the eyes of Buckeye nation.

There is little doubt that Meyer will be successful at Ohio State as long as he is fully committed to that role. Just like there was little doubt he would be successful at Florida as long as he was committed there … which he wasn’t.

Will his health be a problem again? Will he walk away again? Will he stay committed to OSU or perhaps lose focus and commitment like what may have happened at Florida? All legitimate questions.

I imagine he’s 100% all-in this time. But even at 100%, can he top Tressel’s ten-year run? I doubt it. Then factor in the start of the Hoke era and Michigan-Ohio State looks like a stock on the rise.

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  1. Sean says:

    First, let’s remove the word “scared’ from the question and replace it with one less inflammatory. We’ll go with “intimidated.” In this case, the answer is no. If you let Urban Meyer intimidate you then he has already beaten you. Hoke is a great coach, and he has to instill that sense of greatness in his players. Urban Meyer will likely turn the Buckeyes into a machine of power and efficiency, the likes of which Ohio State has not seen before, including the years under Tressell. And he will waste no time doing this either. Hoke has to dig in and get ready to fight like he has never had to before. He has to recruit ruthlessly, push his kids like they have never been pushed before, and pay close attention to every step that Meyer takes, and every word he utters. The goal for Hoke has to be to stay one step ahead of Meyer, though we all know this is impossible. But it’s the only way to keep the edge that Michigan needs to compete with THE Ohio State University. If he stays this course, he’ll have a chance at competing — and possibly getting lucky once in a while.

  2. Scott Laux says:

    I’m scored of losing my job, scared of what happens to Detroit when 84% of it’s residents are functionally illiterate. Scared for the millions who have no work and the young people who have no hope of finding work. I love Michigan football but nothing that ever happens in sports elicits the emotion of fear.

  3. GARY says:

    No, UM should not be afraid of Urban Meyer or anyone else in the B10. Tougher competition in conference should help all. Maybe the B10 won’t be such a doormat to the SEC.

  4. Pete says:

    Noway should Michigan fans “fear” Meyer. Bring it on & GO BLUE!!!

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