AUBURN HILLS (WWJ) – When this couple has an argument, they can settle it in the pit.

Jimmy and Dawn Creten are one of three husband-and-wife tandems taking part in Saturday night’s Extreme Monster Truck Nationals at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

The two met 12 years ago after a truck show in Fargo, North Dakota, where Jimmy was driving the “Bounty Hunter” and Dawn was just a curious first-time fan.

“He had done a monster truck show there and we had met afterwards at the concert. And about a week later I decided to travel with him a little bit and see what the monster truck life was all about. He was in the process of building a second truck at that time and the guy who was going to be driving that truck declined the job at the last minute. So he asked me if I think I could handle it and I tried it and loved it and have been doing it ever since,” said Dawn.

While Jimmy is still commanding the Bounty Hunter, Dawn drives the “Scarlet Bandit,” and she’s not afraid of her husband on the track.

“If he makes me mad during the day, my foot tips the throttle a little harder. He actually builds a lot of the things on the truck. He sets them up and he pretty much advises me on how to drive. So when I beat him, I think it’s an accomplishment for him too,” Dawn said.

One of the other husband-wife teams are Grand Rapids natives Jerry and Amy Perry, who will drive the U.S. Armed Forces Tribute Truck “Brute Force” and the brand new truck “Temper Tantrum,” respectively. Jerry’s son Jeremy will also compete and drive the “Crashmaster.”

The men and women will compete against each other in several events with a total estimated cash prize of $25,000. Events will include the Wheelie contest, Donut contest and Freestyle contest. Ultimately, the audience will decide the winner of each contest by their applause and cheers.

The Extreme Monster Truck Nationals takes place Saturday, Dec. 3 at 7 p.m. at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Individual tickets are $15, $25 and $35 (VIP), or family four-packs for $80 and $110 (VIP). VIP tickets includes preferred seating, a pre-show party to see the trucks, meet drivers, get autographs and take photos. Find more information at

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  1. FW Contini says:

    I know who would have been the victor in this eBook for less than $3: “Women May Be From Venus, But Men Are Really From Uranus”:

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