Taiwanese Animated News Show Pokes Fun At Suh Stomp

Next Media Animation (NMA TV), calls itself, “… your source for the best animated news.” They took some serious creative license with the recent actions of Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. The comical animation shows Suh shooting an energy ball at Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler and ripping the arms and legs off of Green Bay Packers’ offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith.

In a strange metaphor for Suh’s suspension and fines — an NFL logo emblazoned “Lion” tamer uses a bullwhip and chair to back Suh into a cage — slamming the door shut and flushing his money down the toilet.

About NMA.TV

NMA.TV is a Taiwanese internet news show based in Taipei. The entire news show is animated including the two female anchors.

  • A Lyon's Fan

    The world is a much smaller place today. Its practically impossible to be famous and not get caught when doing dumb stuff. Maybe Suh’s punishment and consequence will be forever forged in video animation with a moral point of reasoning. We know Suh’s temper is short but is his skin thick?

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