By Charlie Langton

Newly elected mayor of Troy, Janice Daniels, used the word “queer” in a Facebook posting in which she explained her opposition to gay marriage in New York. Although she has apologized for the use of that word, many don’t believe her sincerity. In interviewing her, I hope she is sincere. She does want to move away from this topic but it won’t happen. In fact, she may have advanced the acceptance of gays in this area.

Months ago, before she was a candidate for office, she posted this on her Facebook page: “I think I’m going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that queers  can get married there.” When it was recently uncovered, she first defended the post by saying, “I believe in one man one woman for marriage” and then she became defiant saying, “It’s only a word.”

It wasn’t until she went on my radio show that she apologized for the remark, but the apology was superficial. For example, she equated the slur as being a “poke in the eye” and said her post was a joke, a silly thing, and without taking a breath, said “and by the way, I love being the mayor of Troy.”

Mayor, you need to show that you truly care. I’m not feeling it. Nevertheless, you started a discussion that is long overdue.

At a recently packed city council meeting an honest discussion about gay life and the need for acceptance took place in front of the mayor. Participation in gay pride events, consideration of an anti-gay ordinance, and hearing from a loving gay family whose elementary-school-aged kids drew pictures for the mayor were received by loud applause.

If you are truly sincere, you owe it to the gay population to embrace acceptance. You don’t have to change your core belief that marriage is between one man and one woman but you must accept in other areas of life that gay people are here and a valuable part of your constituents and our society.

Think of the “Q” word as the new “N” word. I want you to succeed as mayor and with a little more sympathy to all your constituents you will start your journey.

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  1. Karma says:

    Glad you were able to interview her yesterday. Were you as puzzled as I by her reason for a brief interview: the need for her to get back to her work with the City? The role of the Mayor is ceremonial; she is one of seven councilmembers empowered at publicly held meetings a couple of times each month. Troy has a City Manager who is in charge of day-to-day operations of the city. Is she confused with her role as policymaker? And, does she understand that discrimination and prejudice is detrimental to attracting and retaining residents and businesses?

    1. Audre says:

      If you didn’t notice the last May was in City Hall almost every day. She may
      have had an office near the Managers. Then why would you get upset when
      this Mayor does the same thing. She is learning about the City, and I would
      rather have her go in the city and check things out.

  2. Daniels supporter. says:

    Q word is the new N word? Be real, if she was as hateful as everyone is making her out to be she could have said alot worse.

    This is another political issue. I bet no one who voted for her even cares.
    This has everything to do the with Beltramini supporters and supporters of ousted regime in Troy.

    Next will be the recall petition in hopes of a special election for Mayor, we know the city loves special elections.

    If something you said before you started your current job could get you fired from that job, the entire planet would be unemployed. Think about it people.

    1. Audre says:

      II also believe that she has said enough to all TV reporters and everyone else.
      She is a very nice person, I bet if you asked everyone at the council meeting if
      they ever said a word or sentance that they were sorry for saying, No one in
      that audience would stand up. Everyone says something sooner or later, and
      most of all I would like to know who posted on their blog. There are a lot of
      people that would like to take Troy over and run it the way they did years ago.
      I think they should just retire and stay home.

  3. slick7616 says:

    @ Audre thats the beauty of it, the old money wasters are mostly gone. The old school supporters are just reaching for anything to hold onto. Like you said EVERYONE has said something during their lifespan that could be considered hurtful to a race of people or a minority or a opposite sex. Everyone makes mistakes i’m sure even Charlie is guilty. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

    1. Audre says:

      Slick, I think they are careing this too far.if you met Mayor Daniels you would
      say she is a nice person, and let’s move on.. Sooner or later you have to get over things and now is the time. The seniors shoould get over this also or
      maybe they don’t want to, that will be their mistake. I have heard worst language on TV and no one seens to care about that.

      1. slick7616 says:

        She got my vote.

  4. Randy Husk says:

    it is interesting that all the comments on here seem to be supporting Daniels. Is it because Charlie is one of her supporters….he did give donations to Tietz in the 2009 election.

  5. Audre says:

    I don’t care who gave her money for her campaign. Look at all the ones that
    have been Mayor or council, don’t tell me they didn’t get money, because they
    all did. Let’s all grow up and drop this now and let the Mayor run the city like she
    should be doing without all the back lash.

  6. Steve Fraser says:

    Ms. Daniel’s has apologized, she’s faced hours of lectures by dozens of people, many that are not her constituents. Forgive and MOVE ON ALREADY.

    At what point does intolerance of the intolerant become intolerance?

  7. Audre says:

    I also would like to say Thank you to Charlie for giving her a fair interview,
    many things in the newspapers and on TV. were not very nice. My thanks goes
    to you Charlie.

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