TROY (WWJ) – It’s a blunt warning from a Troy plastic surgeon: smoking can make your nipples fall off.

Dr. Anthony Youn said  he encourages smokers, especially those having breast lifts or breast reductions, to quit smoking because tobacco toxins can work like a virtual tourniquet.

“Smokers, if they smoke before or after surgery, there literally is a risk of the nipple turning black and possibly falling off due to a lack of blood supply,” Youn told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Scott Ryan.

“It’s very similar if you tie a string around your finger and you cut off the blood supply, eventually the finger is gonna die. And that can happen with other parts of our body,” he said.

Youn said the risk is higher because the body’s normal blood flow is disrupted.  It may sound silly, but Young said it’s no doubt a very serious issue.

“I’m not gonna pull any punches. These patients really need to understand the danger of the situation,” said Youn. “And now, when I see somebody for breast lift of breast reduction surgery and they are smokers … the first thing I tell them, if you smoke before breast reduction surgery you could literally lose your nipples.”

Youn said those patients must then undergo reconstructive surgery.

He said similar problems can occur with face lifts and tummy tucks.


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