OKEMOS — TechSmith Corp. Tuesday released Camtasia for Mac 2, new software for screen recording and editing on the Mac platform.

TechSmith says the new version combines superior recording performance and ease-of-use with the most commonly requested features, including new graphic annotations, mobile device frames and blur functionality.

Designed for Mac users and non-video professionals who want to create professional, informational screencasts, Camtasia for Mac enables users to record, edit and publish videos without the cost and complexity of professional systems.

“Camtasia for Mac is the best solution for all types of Mac users, especially small and medium-sized businesses needing professional looking videos at a friendly price point,” said Shane Lovellette, Camtasia for Mac product manager at TechSmith. “Camtasia for Mac provides anyone with an easy-to-use screencasting solution to create sleek video tutorials, case studies, training clips and more. Quite simply, Camtasia for Mac is creative, empowering and imaginative.”

Many types of professionals are taking advantage of this easy to use technology, including software developers, trainers, educators, sales and marketing experts and bloggers.

“Camtasia for Mac is the very best tool you can use for any screencasting or splicing — especially in relation to the amount of training you need to be up and running,” said Jay Bailey, CEO and creative director of RapidFire Consulting, a custom web demo and marketing video business. “Many products have a steep learning curve, and the irony is that you don’t use most of the features. Camtasia has a solid feature set and is as intuitive as you can get with video editing.”

A free, 30-day trial of Camtasia for Mac 2 is available at www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html. New users can purchase the software for $99; existing users can upgrade to version 2 for $49. Camtasia for Mac will also be available in the Mac App Store soon.

Key features of the new edition include: * Mobile and hardware device frames enable content to look as though it’s being played on a device such as the iPad, iPhone or Mac. * Graphic annotations such as speech bubbles, arrows, shapes, lines and text give users more options to create more engaging videos. * Blur functionality allows users to block out sensitive or private text or images. * Cursor FX highlights the mouse positioning and where it clicks on the screen to help viewers more easily follow the action. * Extend Frame saves time by enabling users to lengthen a video frame to give more time to highlight specific elements in that frame, or to provide more narration time. * Tilt and restore animations make it easy for users to manipulate video into a more effective display. * Effects timelines make it easier to create custom effects within a screen recording. * Great improvements to overall performance and user experiences with Camtasia for Mac.

More at www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html.


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