Crime Alert At Wayne State University

DETROIT (WWJ) – The Wayne State University campus is on alert after a female student was attacked and robbed.

It happened Friday just after 6 AM near Second and Hancock.

“When she was walking towards her vehicle, three individuals walked towards her and pepper-sprayed her,” said Campus Police Sergeant Keith Morris. “She dropped her purse and they stole her wallet.”

The men were seen leaving the scene on Second Avenue. Later, the woman’s 2008 Chevy Impala was discovered missing from the Wayne State University parking lot where she had parked her car.

Police believe the three thieves may have been watching the student park, while waiting for a target.

Campus Police are now reminding students they offer a SafeWalk service and are advising any students who may be concerned about their safety to utilize it.

Click here for additional safety tips from WSU Campus Police.

  • A WSU Alumni

    As Detroit’s unemployment escalates so will theft, the job of choice in Detroit.

    This is not a new occurance at WSU and students need to show the smarts they are studying for and focus on their safety.

  • Jim

    It isn’t unemployment, it’s criminals period. These idiots would not be employable anyway even in good times. Get off the phone, and watch for groups of “outstanding Detroit citizens”. You know, just like the Council said: Detroit is for “people of color”, so those are the citizens in grouips that all should be wary of. I’m just sayin’!

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