Voicemails left for Gator about his house…
10. Hi, this is the company digging the pool in your backyard. Yeah, we found some coffins back here… Looks like they moved the headstones and left the bodies.. if you could call a priest soon…that would be great! Holly in Farmington Hills
9. Ughh yea Scott, this is your building crew. There is some guy here saying he’s Gene Lamont. He wants us to hold up on the construction but we ignored him and kept going. Good call? just get back to us. Patrick- Harrison twp
8. A call Gator is likely to get, “Hi Scott! Black Mold here, your basement is bitchin. I think I’ll live here forever. See ya at home.” Dave in Pinckney
7. Hey scott…its gerald laird…where would you like the pepsi delivery? Garage or porch?
6. Mr Anderson, we are sorry to report that your new house has been built in a permanant Ozone Action Zone. Mike Clinton twp
5. Phildoe-Hey Gator its your interior designer, I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas for your requested Egypt and Crackers motif. However, the Tequila and Triscuts bar is looking GREAT! By the way, your Human Centipede couch is in
4. Yo, this is Najeh. I just dropped off a house warming present. Joe dearborn hts
3. hey Gator, your Interior Designer again, this Placido Polonco Fathead is going to take up close to 2 walls in your Mans Room, you may want to just get a jersey to hang on the wall.
2. gator you might want to stop for toilet paper on your way home i used your last roll …….maybe a plunger too…..on second thought you might just want to call a plumber.
1. Hey Scott… It’s Christina Agulara…. Ur outa twinkies, and ur scale is broke…..Shafer from Oxford


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