Dangerous Prescription Drugs

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Are you taking a dangerous prescription drug?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have identified a list of drugs that pose a high risk to patients, especially seniors.

Starting in January, many insurers will not cover the cost of  these high-risk drugs.

Pharmacist Steve Marciniak, Director of Pharmacy Administration for Priority Health in Michigan says these prescriptions “are…commonly used.  The drug called Flexeril, that’s probably our highest use medication.  It’s a muscle relaxant.”  He says meprobamate (an anti-anxiety drug) is also on the list, along with an older diabetic drug called Diabinese.  Marciniak says there are newer, safer and in some cases generic forms of these drugs now available.

Marciniak says now may be a good time to do a thorough “drug audit” with your doctor or pharmacist.

For the complete list of the newly listed dangerous prescription drugs,  click on


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