Jeff Riger: Suh Tight-Lipped At Practice, On Valenti & Foster

An interesting scene unfolded Wednesday at the Lions practice facility in Allen Park. This was not a typical Wednesday: It was the return of Ndamukong Suh, the first time that the former Husker would have a chance to talk to the media about the stomp, his car accident and whether he had apologized to his teammates.

The gathering of reporters seemed to be larger than usual and it was almost as if the media was just waiting for Suh. He was the main course and Jim Schwartz, Matt Stafford and others were just the appetizers — they were just asked about Suh anyway.

The order was usual, first Schwartz stepped to the podium to talk about the Raiders, the playoffs and of course Suh and then it was the turn of Stafford. Now usually, after Schwartz, reporters will make a mass exodus into the Lions locker room looking for a variety of stories. Lions public relations then will tell the media when Stafford and Suh will be at the podium and some reporters will head back while others will just stay in the dressing room conducting interviews.

Well, today no one was headed to the locker room, nobody was going to miss Suh. There were  a lot of questions that had to be answered.

After Schwartz and Stafford, Suh took about 10 minutes to make his appearance. And then it was on. The question and answer session had the potential to be “one for the ages.” However, it was something else.

Suh ducked the majority of questions headed his way by simply saying, “looking forward to getting back on the field” and “next question.” In fact there was one reporter in specific that Suh would not even accept a question from. On several occasions, Suh plainly ignored the reporter and looked for somebody else issuing an inquiry.

All in all the media session was a letdown and the media, fans and everybody else learned nothing more to add to what they already knew. But the day was not over, Suh would speak again, this time on his weekly radio segment with “Valenti and Foster.”

On the show, Mike Valenti and Terry Foster asked Suh a lot of the same questions that the throng of media asked earlier and Suh continued to not answer. Suh wanted to make sure to let V&F know that things are not just all about him saying “it’s not an Ndamukong Suh show. It’s Ndamukong Suh that’s a part of the Detroit Lons team.” Valenti followed up by saying that the last two weeks have only been about Suh, where the second year defensive lineman replied “not because I made it that way!”

Valenti, at one point asked Suh about his reluctance to answer some of the questions where #90 replied by saying, “it’s your option to ask those questions and I think the biggest thing is it will be addressed when appropriate, but I think the main focus and the most important thing it’s not me as an individual, it’s me as being an individual part of the team which is the main focus.”

As for whether Suh had taken time to apologize to his teammates, the Portland native said “I think there is a correct way and right timing for everything and like I said, things that are in house stay in house. They are not publicized and not put in the media.” Suh continued saying “I think as a true family and as an organization that should be close and is close, those personal intimate times stay within those personal intimate people that are involved with it.”

Watch the Suh video below to hear more comments from the 2010 2nd overall pick from when he addressed the media at Allen Park on Wednesday.

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