By Jeff Riger

An interesting scene unfolded Wednesday at the Lions practice facility in Allen Park. This was not a typical Wednesday: It was the return of Ndamukong Suh, the first time that the former Husker would have a chance to talk to the media about the stomp, his car accident and whether he had apologized to his teammates.

The gathering of reporters seemed to be larger than usual and it was almost as if the media was just waiting for Suh. He was the main course and Jim Schwartz, Matt Stafford and others were just the appetizers — they were just asked about Suh anyway.

The order was usual, first Schwartz stepped to the podium to talk about the Raiders, the playoffs and of course Suh and then it was the turn of Stafford. Now usually, after Schwartz, reporters will make a mass exodus into the Lions locker room looking for a variety of stories. Lions public relations then will tell the media when Stafford and Suh will be at the podium and some reporters will head back while others will just stay in the dressing room conducting interviews.

Well, today no one was headed to the locker room, nobody was going to miss Suh. There were  a lot of questions that had to be answered.

After Schwartz and Stafford, Suh took about 10 minutes to make his appearance. And then it was on. The question and answer session had the potential to be “one for the ages.” However, it was something else.

Suh ducked the majority of questions headed his way by simply saying, “looking forward to getting back on the field” and “next question.” In fact there was one reporter in specific that Suh would not even accept a question from. On several occasions, Suh plainly ignored the reporter and looked for somebody else issuing an inquiry.

All in all the media session was a letdown and the media, fans and everybody else learned nothing more to add to what they already knew. But the day was not over, Suh would speak again, this time on his weekly radio segment with “Valenti and Foster.”

On the show, Mike Valenti and Terry Foster asked Suh a lot of the same questions that the throng of media asked earlier and Suh continued to not answer. Suh wanted to make sure to let V&F know that things are not just all about him saying “it’s not an Ndamukong Suh show. It’s Ndamukong Suh that’s a part of the Detroit Lons team.” Valenti followed up by saying that the last two weeks have only been about Suh, where the second year defensive lineman replied “not because I made it that way!”

Valenti, at one point asked Suh about his reluctance to answer some of the questions where #90 replied by saying, “it’s your option to ask those questions and I think the biggest thing is it will be addressed when appropriate, but I think the main focus and the most important thing it’s not me as an individual, it’s me as being an individual part of the team which is the main focus.”

As for whether Suh had taken time to apologize to his teammates, the Portland native said “I think there is a correct way and right timing for everything and like I said, things that are in house stay in house. They are not publicized and not put in the media.” Suh continued saying “I think as a true family and as an organization that should be close and is close, those personal intimate times stay within those personal intimate people that are involved with it.”

Watch the Suh video below to hear more comments from the 2010 2nd overall pick from when he addressed the media at Allen Park on Wednesday.

Comments (23)
  1. milo fabian says:

    Good for Suh. He messed up. He paid for it as did the team,and now it is time to win the next game. That is all we need to know.

    1. Jesse says:

      Valenti and Foster are garbage. I listened to this interview and I was embarrassed to even be wasting my time on such filth. I will never listen to Valenti and Foster again, I much rather go poke forks in my ear holes or listen to a Justin Bieber record while they are on. Suh is 20 times the man both of these little weasels are put together. They have about enough logic as the hair on their head (which is none). REMEMBER WHAT CITY YOU ARE BROADCASTING FOR. WE HAVE MUCH MORE RESPECT FOR OUR PLAYERS THAN YOUR PATHETIC RADIO SHOW

  2. Bill says:

    none of your obnoxious business Valenti.. If I have a choice of sending Sue out of town or you… Bubb bye… Go cover the River Rats…

    1. Joe from Fraser says:

      Send Valenti out of town. The majority of real sports fans would agree..

  3. DolFan says:

    Good for Suh. I listened to the radio interview. Enough of the media having to know everything. And Mike Valenti and Terry Foster are sitting there trying to get him to say something he did not want to.

  4. NoMIKEn'TERRY says:

    Wow, they really messed up this interview. Turn on a real talk show or news show and listen to how a real host deals with tough answers. Suh conducted himself with grace and Mike and Terry came off like idiots. As a listener, I got the answers I needed.

  5. DMAC says:

    M & T move on the fans have!

  6. Lions Guy says:

    Valentie and Foster need to let it rest along with the rest of the reporters. Just trying to dig up dirt. The man has served his sentence and now wants to play and talk football so let’s do just that. Enough already!

  7. LX says:

    The guys on 97.1 just did their job… Really Lion Fans why couldn’t Suh just answer the questions? If you can make a fool of yourself on national TV and get kicked out of a NFL game, embarrass yourself, your family, your team, Suh was bold then why not be bold and face the fire and answer the questions?

  8. stewbstew says:

    Mike and Treey should be ashamed! Their behavior was appalling! I’m glad Suh didn’t take the bait.

  9. Tommy says:

    I wonder if Suh will want to come back for my questions from Mike and Terry. Good job Mike!

  10. Fuzzy says:

    Valenti & Foster’s lack of professionalism during the Suh interview has robbed us as fans. Instead of asking their guest questions relative to the up coming Oakland game and relative to issues going forward we were “raped” as listeners to Valenti’s typical Gestapo interviewing tactics. Foster’s lack of sensitivity to the discussion only goes to show he is Valenti’s “laurel”. I hope this incident will make Suh “wake up” and make him re-think is it worth it for him to risk beicoming the “whipping boy” for these two “so called” journalistic broadcasters. Jesse James would be proud to see how Mr. Valenti & Mr. Foster robbed the audience of hearing Suh’s thinking on his team’s future and how he thinks the last three games and (hopefully) the play offs will effect his strategy toward his opponents taunting from the otherside of line of scrimmage. I think our former Detroit sport journalist, Dave Dials, could teach our local media appropriate methods of interviewing sports stars who have a brain.

    1. Joe from Fraser says:

      Good post Fuzzy. I agree. Valenti is the worst in talk radio.

  11. Daniel Roberts says:

    I like the way these two did the interview. If Suh didn’t want to talk about it he should have been a man instead of a man child and controled himself on Thanksgiving. They asked the tough questions and suh acted all defensive instead of giving some type of real answer. When asked about an apology to his team all he had to do was say yes or no. He didn’t have to say exactly what he said to his team just a simple yes or no. By being defensive h seemed to come off to me that he really wasn’t sorry about what he did and this will more than likely happen again i am sorry to say.

  12. M.D says:

    I’m so glad to hear others feel the same about Valenti & Foster’s poor display of journalistic broadcasting. Mike Valenti just does not belong here. It is Ok to have your own opinion regarding our Detroit sports teams but Dude, come on already, you live here, you work here, just try to see the positive in our state.
    As a broadcaster, you are very talented, but you do not fit in here. You need to go back to the Big Apple where you belong. But hey, they don’t want you there as well.
    Oh, and on your way out, please take your slappy Foster with you. I would be stunned if Foster ever had his own opinion on anything. Whatever Mike says….. Foster agrees…. Very annoying….
    Bye, Bye Guys

  13. Matt says:

    Wow, the majority of Detroit’s fans are utterly ridiculous. No wonder why most of you have no jobs. You’re too stupid. Probably have a hard time figuring out where you put your name on an application. The questions asked were valid questions based on the 2 weeks of phone calls from Lion’s fans asking the same thing. I have lived in many cities thanks to my job (jealous?) and I have never seen or heard such a ridiculously out of touch fan base. You all take homerism to a new level. Too bad you still don’t have a job.

  14. Andy says:

    Matt, Once the questions were asked, and Suh had answered them (even if the answers were unsatisfactory), to ask them over and over again was ridiculous. Also, Valenti needs to check out his tone….not a typical interviewer to get personally frustrated. That’s not me being a homer….it is critiquing the interviewer and how effective they are.

  15. fatima09med says:

    Fck Valenti. Who the fck is he? Nobody. Fck Foster. Attacking your own Detroit family. They should be run out of town.

    Detroit supports our own. We support you Suh.

  16. Rocco says:

    Yeah Matt everybody is jealous of you. And none of us have jobs. Time to move to another city yet? If so, take Valenti with you. I love how you can live somewhere and promote the stupid stereotypes and easy labels as the rest of the country does.

  17. Rocco says:

    Valenti acted like a spoiled brat when he didn’t get the answer HE wanted. I love how he thinks he can decide when its best for Suh to talk about his personal life. Why not talk some football and ask about the other stuff next week? Or don’t. Lets enjoy what we have with this team and not let an idiot like Valenti who cares nothing about the team, city or state bring us into his misery.
    Instead of ambushing the guy on the #1 show in Detroit and then turn the rest of the show into Lions bashing 2 weeks since anyone has talked to him. Great “professional integrity” as he called it. So much for talking about the Raiders or a playoff push.THAT was a joke.
    This guy doesn’t care about our teams, and his act is getting old. He used to be funny.

    1. Joe from Fraser says:

      Rocco, Valenti is a Idiot. 97.1 needs to revamp the afternoon drive team, Terry and Matt is my vote.

  18. Mike Adams says:

    Suh is an ignoramus with a bully mentality. He stomps on people and then makes up a big lie ending with “the man upstairs knows and I know…” Hitler propagated the “Big Lie” theory many years ago and look what it did for him and the people of Germany. We are not buying it again Suh. .

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