By g) Mike Valenti

Matt Dery’s sources tell him that the Pistons have not offered Stuckey “Mike Conley” money.

Rodney Stuckey should never play another minute with the Detroit Pistons. Simple enough?

Today Stuckey turned down a reported 5-yr $40 million deal to stay with the Detroit Pistons. That amounts to Terry Foster turning down sex with Kate Upton. If I were Joe Dumars I’d pick up the phone and simply say, “Get lost, you’re done here.”

Who the hell does this guy think he is? First of all, he’s awful. Secondly he has proven to be a disruption in the locker room and on the court. Why Dumars even wanted him back is beyond me, but that is for another time.

The issue at hand is a mediocre player with limited leverage turning down an insane offer and alienating the few fans he has left in this town. Now Stuckey will likely take a one year qualifying offer of $3.75 million and become a free agent next year. My response? Good.

What a confusing and disappointing off season for the Detroit Pistons.

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  1. Fed Up says:

    Right on, Mike! And I’d add, just b/c I’m sick of spoiled athletes, that Albert Puholz felt INSULTED by “only” being offered $50 M by the Cards, or whatever it was. Could someone please insult me like that???

  2. Frank says:

    Come on Mike and Terry you both are seasoned professionals. The bullying tactics Mike takes gets old. You are not in New York. You are in the midwest. We want winners not a story you create. If we wanted that we would listen to the Espn dribble they slobber out. Terry for a journalist you know you stepped over the line and your bosses know it. Slow down and stop being so “streetwise ” and teach the listeners instead of bullying us. You both are better than that! Frank Farmington Hills.

    1. This is a blog… therefore opinion. Perhaps you should learn the difference before criticizing.

  3. George says:

    “You are not in New York.” I could not have said it better. I love sports talk radio and can’t listen to their show. Now I have to turn on the Lions pregame show and watch him insult people there?

  4. Joe from Fraser says:

    I agree George and Frank, Valenti thinks this is New York and he thinks he is a Jim Rome. Valenti is the worst of 97.1,

    1. Adam Waltersdorf says:

      And he has the highest ratings in all of radio in Detroit… Keep hating haters.

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