MOUNT CLEMENS (WWJ) – The DNA results are in and a trial date has been set for a Mount Clemens man accused of impregnating his girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter.

The 28-year-old Trevaun Cortez Brooks faces first and second-degree criminal sex charges after Macomb County prosecutors say his DNA is a positive match with the baby born to the girl in August.

Brooks is accused of having sex with the child, his girlfriend’s daughter, last year while he was living with them.  Brooks also worked briefly as a janitor at the girl’s charter school before his arrest in September.

Brook’s attorney Chris Aiello said he will review the DNA findings and discuss defense options with his client, who faces life in prison if convicted.

“If he told me anything, you know, I can’t discuss that with you. But, as you know, he’s still innocent and we are maintaining a defense on his behalf,” Aiello said. “He’s distraught, of course. He’s distraught, over this. He’s in jail. Nobody wants to be in jail, and this is a very difficult time for him.”

Aiello said no plea deal has been discussed at this time.

The trail is set to begin February 28.

The now 12-year-old girl and the baby are now under the care of state protection services.

Comments (75)
  1. Gwen Robinson says:

    Well, if he didn’t want to be in jail, he shouldn’t have had sex with an 11-year old! And he’s distraught? How do you think the girl’s family feels?!?!

    1. cheetosndgrapepop says:

      That’s what I’M talkin about!
      And the 11 year old’s mama is only 22!!

      1. Trisha Glasco says:

        no kidding??? thats just sick!!! the entire thing is sick!!

    2. Theresa Powell-Bivens says:

      That’s what I thought, “he’s distraught”!! How about the little girl, and how can he be innocent? Unless this was artificial insemination, this is RAPE!! There is NO consent! Kick the Momma’s butt too, how do you bring some man to live in your home and with children. These “thirsty” females make me sick!!!

  2. Eleanore Beadlescomb says:

    I hope he’s distraught for a long time. I hear they don’t care for pedophiles in prison, either.

  3. J-Rock says:

    Why the HELL didn’t they ABORT that kid??????? Who the HELL wants their 11 yr old walking around PREGNANT!!!!! DAM SHAME..

    1. Sherri says:

      They needed to let that baby be born so they could put that predator in jail. I hope he rots there!

      1. SixDegrees says:

        No. DNA testing is possible long before birth, and can also be conducted on aborted fetuses.

      2. Guest says:

        Why should the execute the child for the crime of its father?

    2. John says:

      A similar incident happened to a neighbor girl down the street. She was raped by a 42 year old uncle of one of her friends and her parents, being good Catholics, had her give birth and put the baby up for adoption.

      By age 18 she had given birth to 2 more babies, all put up for adoption. Near as I could tell she was a total mess by then. Unclear how she’s doing now as she’d be 22 now and we no longer have contact with the family.

    3. Newshawk says:

      So killing a baby is justifiable? I don’t know how you sleep at night. Adoption is still a very viable option and I hope that the 12 year old child is well cared for.

    4. Disgusted in the US says:

      Murder the kid? What crime did that child commit? Execute the predator if you want but the child is still innocent until tried by a court of law. This reminds me of that fiend who burned that Brooklyn woman alive in the elevator because she was an inconvenience.

      1. Stating the Obvious says:

        Did you actually read this article? The child is not in legal trouble. You are misreading the comments in this section from pro-lifers trying to make a not-so-subtle anti-abortion statement in the midst of this horrible story.
        It seems you also did not properly read the article(s) relating to the fire murder, as well. Try reading the articles twice. You might capture more information that way.
        “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

    5. Tammy says:

      WOW! KILLING an unborn child just b/c society thinks she should? I wouldn’t want my daughter walking around pregnant, HOWEVER there can be complications w/an abortion/killing of an unborn child. The 11 year old could have died herself due to infection, the 11 year old could be sterile for the rest of her life, the 11 year old could get pregnant in the future but no be able to carry to term. There are many forms of scars, physical, mental, sexual, spiritual, the way I see it she’s had all of ’em, why put on the burden later in life when she’s old enough to really make decisions for herself that she killed an unborn child

    6. BEEN THERE says:

      J Rock, the fetus should have been aborted. We are speaking about an 11 DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME, AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD CHILD!!! My mother made me have a child when I was 15. I wanted and needed an abortion, nbut she would not allow it, in spite of her getting an abortion done on her “favorite” daughter. Children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood and teen-age years without the burden of having and caring for a child. THEY ARE BABIES THEMSELVES AND 11 IS TOO YOUNG. I noticed that many of the people that feel as though she should not have aborted are Bible thumpers, well, if she did something wrong by getting an abortion, let God be the judge, NONE OF YOU ARE GOD.

      1. Tracey says:

        I am sorry that you had to go through that difficult time, however, I am a Bible thumper, as you graciously put it. You are right that NONE OF US ARE GOD. I can only speak for myself. If that happened to my daughter, I let her have it and I would raise it as my own and I would NOT force motherhood on her. The other alternative for my daughter would be adoption. I am sure I am going to get alot of flack from my opinion and that is okay. An unborn child should not have to die because of a pediphile’s disgusting actions.

      2. Trisha Glasco says:

        i know that this is not the case here but…if a child at any age gets pregnant from willingly having sex then she should…SHOULD have the child…so been there…i agree with your mom…if your responsible enough to lay down and do the deed then you need to be responsible enough to handle the consequences…dont blame your mom…blame your self. and let me add…im no bible thumper i dont even read the bible…cant tell you the last time i touched a bible…but however i am pro choice…and to take the easy way out is not the way to go…i know that if my daughter had a baby at a young age…i would force her to have that baby and i would help her with that child as much as i possibly could but unlike tracey i would make her take care of that baby on her own…i would step in only when need be…you wake up with your baby every 2 hours you feed it you change its diapers you will get a job as soon as your of age i will be a hard ass mom in that situation but then again…i am a hard ass mom anyways…i believe in tough love and unfortunately a lot of parents these days dont…they care to much about if their child loves them or not…hell i dont care…i just want my kids to grow up and be successful responsible and make good choices…they can love me later and they will!!

      3. Trisha Glasco says:

        let me add that if it was this case…and the little girl was molested then it is not her fault but that makes the situation completely different…i would let her no matter what age make that decision for her self on if she wanted to abort it or keep it or put it up for adoption with of course being thorough enough to make sure she understands her decision and i will stick by her decision…having an abortion no matter how you got pregnant is not an easy thing to go through either…your terminating a babies life and that can be just as damaging if not more damaging to a young mothers mind than having the baby its self….she has already gone through enough by getting raped to begin with…yes keeping the baby might keep the memory alive of what happened to her but that would be her choice…then i would kill the mother effer who did that to my poor baby girl!!!

  4. isointhecity says:

    I definitely agree that they should have aborted that child…not doing that is child abuse in my opinion. This a very difficult time for him??? Boo, freakin’ hoo! I think his lawyer needs to go to jail at the same time.

  5. Mixed Chick says:

    DNA does not lie, beyond sad for this girl and her family women with children you need to suspect any man that wants to get involved with you and be doubly vigilant, this should not have happened, why do women let men around their children like this?? Youngest pregnant girl I worked with when I was social worker in er was 10, almost 11…same situation, man got with the mother wanting to get to her daughter, God help us all.

  6. Susan says:

    Why abort, the child committed no crime. The proper action is to put the baby up for adoption.

    1. Lyndia says:

      Why send an 11 year old child through child birth? Idiot.

      1. BlueDestiny says:

        Because a life is on the line? Why is being a child more precious than being alive? Who put childhood up on a pedastal that lives are taken? People all over the world have hard childhoods, or basically call it what it is… life. Get over yourself.

      2. Trisha Glasco says:

        i agree bluedestiny!! what happened happened…weather or not she had the baby or aborted it or put it up for adoption she will still have to face what happened to her every single day…its unfortunate that she was 11…so young…but the person who needs killed is the man who did this to her…not the child and not the baby…besides the baby is already born and is doing fine so why talk about what should have been done???? theres a lot of things that should have happened before that little girl got pregnant!! concentrate on those!!!

  7. Ann S says:

    I’m with you, Don!

  8. ANita says:

    Don you can add another one in agreement to your comment. Anita from Southfield, living in Florida

  9. Miss P says:

    Stupid Women!!! Please be careful who you let enter you home around your children. Everything that looks and feels good to you is not always the answer. I am deeply saddened by this case. I guess the Mother and the boyfriend are looking stupid together.

    1. Newshawk says:

      Oh yes, it’s a “stupid” woman who forced this creep to essentially rape her daughter. It’s easy to look after the fact and judge but you don’t know what their relationship was like. I agree there should be an abundance of caution with ones children, but you can’t say that you wouldn’t be deceived by someone either. You never know until you’ve been there. Judge less, help more.

    2. Guest says:

      So the woman is stupid for trusting a man?

  10. John Koontz says:

    I’m with you on this, too. John, from Detroit, living in Floriduh

  11. Jim M says:

    Prosecutors: DNA Shows Man Fathered 11-Year-Old’s Baby – boy, what a GREAT headline. So many people were thinking a woman fathered the baby before they read this.

  12. Think a Little says:

    Why can’t people think logically? It could be that no one knew she was pregnant immediately (or soon enough to do an abortion). If she’d never had a period before and he caught her on her first ovulation, there may have never been a period to miss. Mother may have thought the girl was just gaining weight for the first few months. That said, I think it is unfortunate that the mother is being blamed. Yes, mothers need to be careful with who they let around their children but predators aren’t always obvious. Look at Penn State’s Sandusky. Upstanding image, heck-of-a-guy–people can be fooled. Maybe he’s innocent, but you likely can see my point.

    1. Lyndia says:

      You think it is sad that the mother is being blamed? Are u crazy? The mother should be dog whipped at sundown for allowing the B@@@@rd in her home.

  13. One more thing... says:

    Oh, and one last thing: why would anyone say he “had sex” with an eleven-year-old? At eleven, it is rape. Period.

    1. Lyndia says:

      Thank you, one more thing. You have enough sense to see it as it is, RAPE.

  14. DAWN says:


  15. Dave says:

    KILL the BABY? what did the baby do? Maybe those of you who think there should have been an abortion, your mother maybe should have aborted you! Jeez yes he needs to pay for what he did and yes he is a sick man, but why kill the baby/

    1. Lyndia says:

      It is a fetus, and she should have gotten an abortion. It is legal and safe.

      1. Trisha Glasco says:

        fetus baby infant what ever you want to call it…still a human with a working heart and brains…she and her mother obviously decided that she was going to keep the baby…her decision…their decision…why is that so hard for everyone to accept???

      2. Guest says:

        It seems like people are less interested in the story and more interested in forcing their beliefs on abortion/birth being right or wrong and whether the now baby is considered a baby or a fetus so early on in the womb. There’s always 2 sides to a story and that’s why there are some people that are pro-life and others that are pro-choice. If you are pro-life than you can be safe in knowing that you, nor anyone in your immediate family, would NEVER get an abortion no matter the reason. If you are pro-choice then you know you have the option of doing what you feel is right/best in the moment . What works for one person/family is not neccessarily what works for someone else!

  16. artel morgan says:

    the mother did not pay sufficent attention to the little girl,it is rape and therefore the fetus should be aborted i am wondering if this girl was sexual active his balls to be removed and given to him as a reminder of is act

  17. Newshawk says:

    ..and you are the picture of intelligence yourself.

  18. Neet says:

    If you really want to know the truth about how GOD feels about abortion, read in the Bible at Exodus 21: 22-25. It will only take you 30 seconds!

    1. Jeff M says:

      If you do read Exodus 21:22-25, you will quickly realize this verse has nothing to do with abortion. Pleas learn the bible before trying to speak about verses you clearly do not understand.

    2. Lyndia says:

      How do you know how God feels abortion? Have you ever talked to him? Have your seen him? Did you email him last night?

  19. Tammy says:

    WOW! KILLING an unborn child just b/c society thinks she should? Ignorance breeds ignorance, pls tell me none of you have children. There can be complications w/an abortion/killing of an unborn child. The 11 year old could have died herself due to infection, the 11 year old could be sterile for the rest of her life, the 11 year old could get pregnant in the future but no be able to carry to term. There are many forms of scars, physical, mental, sexual, spiritual, the way I see it she’s had all of ‘em, why put on the burden later in life when she’s old enough to really make decisions for herself that she killed an unborn child.

    1. Dan says:

      what a moron Tammy….and an 11 year old having a baby wont cause all the problems you are talking about and more…girl’s choice not some church leader’s choice….
      They did not indicate if she was willing or not…not willing having to face the baby result of rape is devastating for the child and mother…

      1. Trisha Glasco says:

        tammy was saying that aborting her child would give her those complications…read and understand what she said before you respond to it dan!!

    2. Lyndia says:

      Abortion is safe and legal, Stupid. The child should b allowed to enjoy her childhood without the burden of having a child to care for.

      1. Trisha Glasco says:

        Lyndia you keep saying that…but do you really think she was enjoying her childhood with that ass raping her??? do you think she would be able to enjoy her childhood if…say…he got caught before she got pregnant?? no…she would be depressed and scared to leave the house as any rape victim is….it was bad enough that it was someone who knew her so she is going to have trust issues for the rest of her life…her having that baby isnt stopping her from enjoying her childhood and or life…that nasty perverted pedophile is!!

    3. JustTheFactsPls says:

      So the risks of an abortion outweigh the risks of pregnancy for a young girl? Pls read the facts of young girls carrying a pregnancy to term that I posted.

      Also, the manner in which someone is told something, i.e., tone, inflection, descriptive words used, will only reflect the message of the person sending it. I noticed the words you choose are highly inflammatory, such as the word kill. Pls tell me you don’t have children.

  20. Rick says:

    All pedophiles should have their tally’s cut off with a dull rusty blade. Have their tally crammed down their throats, have lemon juice poured over the wound, then tied to a stake out in the desert, with their eyelids cut off, and let the buzzards feast on them.

  21. Emma says:

    Oooohhh weee! What a mess!

  22. Lacy says:

    He’s about to get ass raped in prison!!! Don’t you guys watch Lock Up? They hate people like him in prison. Don’t worry, he’s about to get punished! HAHAHA!

    1. Dan says:

      He is a big boy so he wont be someones girfriend….but he may not live long…especially since they published his name and photo….can we paste the article on his cellblock wall?

  23. Dan says:

    The attorney is wrong…he is not innocent until proven guilty. He has the right to face his accusers in a court of law…and the fact that he is the DNA daddy pretty much refutes any defense other then claiming the girl stole his sperm from a condom and used a turkey baster…

    1. Guest says:

      He is not innocent (or guilty, for that matter) but he has the right to be treated as innocent under the law. That’s not quite the same thing.

  24. Lyndia says:

    Carlos, it is not about animal ape behavior, it is about rape. I knew somebody would bring in racism. Oh, by the way, Carlos is an Hispanic name. Are you Hispanic? Is not it in your culture for the father to have sex with his daughter first? I have heard this from police that work in Little Village and they said it is prevealent in the Mexican culture.

    1. COURTNEY TORRES says:


  25. TOOOUTDONE says:


    1. Lyndia says:

      I use to be a bible thumper until I discovered backwards people like you. People that think they are perfect and everything that falls out of their out of their mouths is the truth. Look at their lives behind closed doors and they will scare a sinner away from the lord.

    2. JustTheFactsPls says:


      Have you not been to a netiquette class? All caps is rude.


  26. TOOOUTDONE says:


  27. Brittney Johnson says:

    i hope he gets the death penalty

  28. BIG MAMMA says:

    I think they should torcher the SOB. He’s a low down dirty dog. Then again I don’t even think he’s worthy to be called a dog. He had the mama what did he want with the child.

  29. December says:

    My opinion wit this is weather she kept the baby or not he deserve 2 rot n jail then hell! But who knows she probably liked it just as much as him (that still don’t give him a reason 2 sleep wit her) If she was my child she wouldve got an abortion. She’s a baby. What does she no bout raise n a baby! She can’t even take care of herself. She’s still wet behind the ears. Smh. It was a way 4 the motha 2have her 5mins of fame! And really what/where was thhe motha @ during this? She’s held responsible just as much as his nasty ass!

    1. JustTheFactsPls says:


      “But who knows she probably liked it just as much as him” is quite a large assumption. Don’t you think? She is 11!

  30. Angry Grandma says:

    I wish justice would have been served on the man who got my 13 year old daughter pregnant. We love my grandbaby with all our hearts, but that fool walking free chaps my hide. And…rapists don’t pay child support!

  31. JustTheFactsPls says:

    Facts on the baby
    Babies of teenage mothers are more likely to die in the first year of life than babies of women in their twenties and thirties. The risk is highest for babies of mothers under age 15.

    Teenage mothers are more likely to have a low-birth weight baby. Most low-birth weight babies are born prematurely. The earlier a baby is born, the less he or she is likely to weigh. The risk is higher for younger mothers.

    Babies who are premature and low-birth weight may have organs that are not fully developed. This can lead to breathing problems, such as respiratory distress syndrome, bleeding in the brain, vision loss and serious intestinal problems.

    Very low-birth weight babies (less than 3 1/3 pounds) are more than 100 times as likely to die, and moderately low-birth weight babies (between 3 1/3 and 5½ pounds) are more than 5 times as likely to die, in their first year of life than normal-weight babies.

    Courtesy March of Dimes, 2009 at

    Facts on the mother
    Young mothers are more likely to experience pregnancy related complications and are less able to deal with them, which often lead to maternal death.

    Adolescents are not fully physically developed: at menarche a young woman’s pelvis has not finished growing. Therefore, pregnancy and birth at a young age pose serious risks for both mother and child.

    Age at conception is significantly associated with pregnancy and delivery complications. Mothers who conceive before 20 suffer more complications in pregnancy and delivery than women age 20+.

    Young girls suffer increased likelihood of delivery complications like eclampsia, lengthy delivery, excess hemorrhage, and delay in delivery of placenta. Other physical problems legacies to early childbirth are urinary and bowel problems, such as fistula of the vagina, intestines, or anus, broken pelvis, just to name a few.

    Can someone pls tell me how it is better for a child to give birth as opposed to aborting? If you look at the facts logically the risks to both child and mother are too great to carry the pregnancy forward.

  32. Jules says:

    A fetus is not a “child.” Furthermore, an 11 year-old cannot decide if she wants to carry a pregnancy to term—what the heck does an 11 year-old know?! She needs an abortion. No guilt in aborting a fertilized egg! Let the child BE a child, not HAVE a child! You bible bangers are sick!

  33. pamik says:

    This man is an utter PIG. “But, as you know, he’s still innocent and we are maintaining a defense on his behalf”. How can anyone be defended when there’s DNA is proof of his crime? “He’s in jail. Nobody wants to be in jail, and this is a very difficult time for him”. Awww poor fella. Well, I certainly hope it’s difficult for him! What he did to this little girl is disgusting. Hopefully he will get the same treatment in prison, i.e. rape

  34. жилищный кодекс скачать says:

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