What’s The Worst Christmas Gift You Ever Received?

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SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – What’s the worst Christmas gift you were ever given?

We’ve been taking your calls in the WWJ Newsradio 950 newsroom. Here are some of the highlights:

- “Five quarts of oil, and he actually wrapped them!”

- “A lump of coal. We were devastated.”

- “My mother-in-law, one year just before Christmas, told my father-in-law that she would love to have a new toilet seat. It was under the tree and it was all she got for Christmas that year.”

- “My first wife gave me a brown alabaster egg one year, and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.”

-  In a second grade Catholic school gift exchange: “I had two ceramic figurines. They were mermaids, but they were naked!”

- “My aunt and uncle gave me a pack old lady underwear.”

- “Two gallons of clothes soap from my children.”

- “My husband at the time gave me a toilet brush.”

- “A can of Bag Balm. It’s used to soothe a cow’s utters after milking, but I don’t even own a cow.”

- “A Chia Pet shaped in a fruit cake.”

- “My wife asked me for a divorce.”

How about you? Comment below:

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