CLINTON TWP., Mich. (WWJ) – Home invasions in a normally quiet and safe neighborhood in Clinton Township have residents scared and mad. And, they’re planning to do something about it.

At 6:30 p.m. Monday, residents, clergy and Clinton Township police will gather in St. Claude Chapel on Beaconsfield. They’re getting together to talk about what they can do to better prepare their community against home invasions. Police have already given out red and white window signs that warn would-be criminals that their neighborhood is on alert and residents have their eyes open.

The neighborhood watch meeting is open to everyone. For more information on tonight’s meeting, call 586-530-7576.

Comments (4)
  1. Sylvia Taylor says:

    Thieves are everywhere. Lock your doors, get an alarm. Now that the thieves have stolen from everybody in Detroit and there is nothing left they are going to the burbs for the goods. Watch out. The good old days are gone.

  2. Christina (Harrison Twp) says:

    I live in Harrison Twp and had a guy buzz my door stating he was from consumers energy to turn my gas on. I replied over the intercom that I was pretty sure my gas was on. And that was that of the conversation. I called both the police and Consumers Energy to report it. So beware they might be out there still and trying to enter apartments using a false identity. Mind you this was after hours at 645pm about 2 weeks back.

  3. dooky says:

    Chimps out …beware! Shoot 1st, ask questions after. Its the only way to handle the apes on the loose.

  4. smarttactics says:

    Having a sign on a window does not deter a threat, the same thing pertains to those that believe that having an alarm or security sign posted in the yard or house will stop a threat. Being proactive about your safety is the first step and not waiting until it is on your front lawn before seeking the education about how to better protection you and your family.

    There are many courses that exist that can better educate everyone about personal and home safety but society today waits until it happens to them and then scrambles around screaming “why me” and “how could this happen”. Threats are getting smarter and are doing their homework. You would be surprised how someones yard and home can give a threat a lot of information:
    Toys: equals children
    Nice cars: nice jobs
    Just for a couple of examples.

    Dont become the victim because once that occurs you will forever be concerned with your safety and become a little paranoid as well. Become educated today to avoid becoming the victim tomorrow.

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