LIVONIA — Ahead of schedule for the holiday movie rush, Phoenix Theatres at Laurel Park Place in Livonia and The Mall of Monroe have put the finishing touches on new digital projection and sound technology for the company’s combined 18 screens.

The projection and sound technology updates give Phoenix Theatres an advantage over competing cinemas by being the only theatre locations to be 100 percent digital in their two cities. Permanently gone are the days of splicing together miles of 35mm film and the concern of scratches effecting a quality presentation.

“Digital projection and sound have been developing for almost a decade now,” said Phoenix Theatre owner Cory Jacobson, also the past president of the National Association of Theatre Owners of Michigan. “The quality is now there for theatres to make the commitment, just as we are committing with a local investment totaling nearly $1.3 million to transition from film to an all digital experience. Digital cinema will also provide new opportunities to expand the use of the theatres beyond movies to include operas, plays, sporting events and teleconferencing — all activities are a bonus for the local economies.”

Jacobson added: “This is a huge win for movie goers in both Monroe and Livonia. While many of us grew up on the original 35 millimeter film versions of movies, in my three decades of theatre management I can honestly say today’s new digital presentation cannot be beat. It is so superior in sound clarity and detailed visual precision that I wouldn’t want to see a movie any other way. The sound is crisp and the picture is superb whether it is the 1st performance or 10,000th showing, it is simply a perfect presentation every time.”

Visitors to either or can purchase tickets weeks in advance, so they can secure tickets for the latest block-buster hits without waiting in line.

Phoenix Theatres opened its first theatre in 2001 and currently operates 10 screens at Laurel Park Place in Livonia and 8 screens at The Mall of Monroe in Monroe.


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