Pistons Owner Harassed At Home, $1M Demanded

The celebrity website TMZ is reporting that Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores, one of the richest men in the country, was targeted for harassment in a strange incident.

Two men allegedly made their way into Gores’ exclusive gated community in California, knocked on his door at 10 p.m. Sunday, and Gores himself answered.  

The men wanted the billionaire to accept a package; He refused. Eventually, after a reported verbal skirmish, the men left, trailing behind a package with papers inside demanding $1 million cash for the Mormon church.

Gores, 46,  is the chairman and CEO of Platinum Equity, a global investment firm whose holdings include 34 portfolio companies in technology, media and entertainment, industrials, metals processing, automotive supply, and distribution and logistics. He was announced as the Pistons’ new owner in April 2011.

Born in Israel, Gores moved to Michigan at age of four when his family settled into Genesee, north of Flint. He was exposed to the business world at an early age, working in his uncle’s grocery store by the time he was 10.
A three-sport athlete at Genesee High School, Gores graduated from Michigan State University in Construction Management and learned the buyout business with his older brother, forming Platinum Equity investments in 1995.

Today, he is estimated by Forbes to be the 147th-richest American having amassed a $2.2 billion fortune — and ownership of the Pistons.

  • Smash Crasher

    Greedy Capitalist PIG. How much money is enough?

    • Religion < Greed

      Welcome to America, Smash Crasher. I am more annoyed by those asking for handouts than Gores ability (some would say skill or talent) to acquire wealth, personally. I love that it is pointed out Gores if of Jewish decent and the two alleged harassers “were demanding $1 million cash for the Mormon church.”

      I’ll take personal greed over organized religion any day of the week.

    • Jeremy

      Your an idiot! BooHoo you have no way of making money because your lazy and pathetic!Go get your stupid sign and march in line with your hand out.D-Bag.

      • Jeremy

        This comment is meant for Smash Crasher.

  • *typo edit

    *is not if

  • Garry L.V. Ball

    It seems there is much more to the story than just greed but GREED is a powerful sin and America is guilty as most of all the modern world is today Shame on the idea that hard work is considered “old school” and easy money is in!

  • Curtis Richardson

    It takes just as much work to get “easy money”if not more,as it takes to work for it.Honest working people don”have half tthe worries as “THe Greedy. However honest people should make above board investment with their “hard earned” money

  • Anthony Alan

    Wish he would have spent some of that 2.2 billiion on improving the Pistons. He spent NOTHING and we are going to have another AWFUL season.

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