By Sandra McNeill

FERNDALE (WWJ) – Going out to dinner or the bar on Christmas Day is becoming more of an option for Christians and non-Christians alike.

George Grego, who manages Como’s Restaurant in Ferndale, said they’ll open for the first time this Christmas at their customers’ request.

“We’ve got so many people that have asked about being open on Christmas,” Grego told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Sandra McNeil. “It’s only been a few years now that we’ve been open on Thanksgiving. Every year we get more and more people in on Thanksgiving, so we get the request naturally now for Christmas.”

“People just don’t want the mess anymore,” he added. “They don’t wanna have to cook after all the stress of going shopping and doing whatever the people do in the holiday season. When it comes to that day, people are exhausted.”

Grego said that under new state laws they can serve alcohol.  But he’s not sure how many people will dine in. “We’re expecting big carry-outs is what we’re expecting,” he said.

Como’s everyday menu will be available.

For a list of local businesses open on Christmas Day, click here.

  1. Geo says:

    First Thanksgiving, now Christmas. Might as well take away all the workers vacation time too! – Doesn’t anyone thing about the workers anymore? I bet they would like to have the holidays off too… what happened to family values? I won’t be going to Como’s Restaurant on Christmas – or any other day, for that matter!

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