By Mike Campbell

UPDATE: Police Name One Of Three Suspects In Roller Rink Shooting

WATERFORD TWP. (WWJ) –Five people have been hospitalized after three gunmen open fire at a roller-skating rink in Waterford Township during a private holiday party.

WWJ’s Mike Campbell spoke with Kurt Anselmi, co-owner of “Rolladium,” where the shooting took place. Anselmi said shots were fired around 1:45 a.m. Friday as a private party billed as an 18 and up “Roll Up” was coming to a close.

roller rink party flier1 e1324643576190 Gunmen Open Fire At Roller Rink Holiday Party, 5 Hospitalized

Flier for the party where at least 5 people were shot. (WWJ Photo/Mike Campbell)

“As people were leaving, a fight broke out inside and from what we can tell from the videos, the shooters came in the exit doors as people were leaving, just walked into the area where you can first turn to the skating surface, fired a number of shots, we don’t know how many, and turned around and ran out,” said Anselmi.

At an afternoon news conference, Waterford Township Police Chief Dan McCaw said the shooting was prompted by an argument that happened earlier in the day. The party’s promoters provided security detail during the event.

Although the rink has a surveillance system, Anselmi said he’s not sure the cameras captured everything.

“They passed one camera and there are good views of their faces and their clothing. But at the point in time that the shooting occurred, we can’t see them. They go off camera, they shoot, it all takes place within a matter of seconds,” said Anselmi.

Surveillance: See what really happened

The victims, three women and two men all in their early twenties, were taken to area hospitals for treatment. One victim was shot in the upper body while the others received grazing wounds to their hands or legs. Four of the victims are from Pontiac, while the other is from White Lake Township.

Nearly 300 people were inside the rink, which is located on Highland Rd. near Pontiac Lake Rd. in Waterford Township, about 25 miles northwest of Detroit.

Police are now searching for the three gunmen, as they interview witnesses and review footage of the incident.

Anselmi said the last time they had any trouble like this at the rink was back in the 70s.

Stay with WWJ and for the latest.

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Comments (209)
  1. Chris says:


    1. Booger McCoy says:

      I don’t understand the point of this article. Doesn’t everyone pack heat when they go to a roller skating party?

      1. jerrystr says:

        Only the black gang members pack heat. Detroit had the title “Murder City” for a long time, now they are trying to win that title back. This is not surprising. If this happened in a prodominately white or Asian city, then it would be a big story. In Detroit, this is a non news worthy everyday event.

      2. Booger McCoy says:

        I was being facetious, jerrystr.

      3. JDB says:

        I know! I hate the cold! Global warming —– BRING IT ON!!!!

    2. Kevin Cowart says:

      @AsRealAsItGets, do you really want us extinct? Who will babysit you if the crackerman goes extinct?

      1. AsRealAsItGets says:

        @Kevin Cowart

        Whites don’t have culture they steal it from everyone else. Us people will do just fine without your influence thank you very much.

    3. QV says:


    4. Jimmy Sparklenuts says:

      When whites are extinct, how will blacks feed themselves?

    5. tod schwarze says:

      too stupid to get beyond pigment, eh boi? Hate all pale faces as they make you feel inferior (for good reason?)
      Bring it, be yatch

    6. Tyrone says:

      ….. NBN, just NBN

  2. Casca says:

    I believe a gunshot is like Aloha in Detroit.

      1. Midge Martin says:

        “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
        – Plato

    1. MayfaireOquinn says:

      Reading comprehension much? The article says “25 miles northwest of Detroit”.

      These are the suburbs where I grew up, and Detroit and the suburbs having nothing to do with each other, but keep those assumptions going!

      1. Detroit sucks says:

        Queen you are a fool. The entire detroit area is a ghetto. Including your trash “suburb.”

      2. Phil Mckracken says:

        Wow – You are reaching Mayfaire. Must suck to read these stories, huh? These stories come 3-4 times a day, seems like they never end.
        Always the same…

      3. AtlasObjectivist says:

        Detroit, Pontiac… same thing. Savages one and all.

      4. BarrysHypocrisy says:

        This is what happens when a quarter of Detroit’s population moves north of 8 mile.

      5. Esther says:

        Agree. Most of the burbs are very nice. 5 miles South of the shooting area is spectacular. Assume this group was from the decaying Pontiac area.

    2. James Benoit says:

      “Aloha means hello and good bye!”

      “Bang bang means – welcome to Detroit, gimme yo wallet mofoker!”

    3. Dean says:

      What is wrong with you folks?
      This is just how coloreds rollerskate, buy shoes or rob people it is their version of Chistmas, so don’t be so racist.
      Plus l@@k at the Detroit area and any other area the coloreds inhabit at over 10% and see what these masters of science and math are capable of.

      1. Thomas E Reilly III says:

        Exactly. This is part of the richly textured African culture that is as essential to the American experience. It’s such a blessing to embrace diversity. Not just to the Asians, Mexicans, and Middle easterners that work so hard, but also to those that give back in ‘other’ ways. Just look at the success we’re having with an African American president.

        I feel so burdened with guilt that these ‘socio-economically-deprived-at-risk-urban-youths’ don’t live in a nice gated community like I do.

      2. JDB says:

        Slavery was the second worst thing to happen to America.

  3. Steve says:

    Must be those dang Swed’s again!!!

      1. moreco2 says:

        Well, I see my comments now. Sorry about the cover up charge. But you guys need to get the time zone debacle worked out.

    1. JerzeyBoy says:

      Keep in mind that it was the black African tribal leaders that capture the black men and woman to sell to the slave traders to sell all over the world. This fact and way you talk now is clear you and folks like you will always be slaves to your lack of admission that you are mostly the reason these poor black communities will remain poor. Stop the cycle, prevent 15 year girls from having kids with no way to support them. Learn how to read and write teach your young to respect themselves and the rules of common decency.

      1. c.mooerhead says:

        Dude, We’ve known this for years. Do some research on the beginnings of “Planned Parenthood” and you will see the solution was published years ago.
        We have been patient and are waiting for good black folks to step up to the plate, but that all went out the window now that we have the Mocha Messiah.

      2. carlb says:

        total breakdown of the black family runs rampant. one only has to watch the maury show to see that. but it does happen in all races but blacks it is more prominent. its the welfare state that keeps them down and people that make money off a word called racism. herman cain was right the welfare state keeps blacks on the plantation. whats sad is they could better themselves by not voting democratic because they want them to stay there and show up every election cycle. well they better wake up eventually you will be dumped for the latino vote that they seem to be courting like they did you with welfare and amnesty. there will be alot more of them than you so they wont need you anymore!

    2. RightStuff says:

      You need to get over it. You wouldn’t be here popping off your ungrateful mouth had it not been for slavery. Not supporting slavery, just telling you like it is for you, personally.

      1. davec says:

        The famous Black Man named Booker T Washington wrote in his autobiography that blacks were BETTER OFF THAN WHITES as a result of slavery, they had skills. White folk apparently couldnt wipe their own arses…

        Here are his words:

        Ever since I have been old enough to think for myself, I have entertained the idea that, notwith-standing the cruel wrongs inflicted upon us, the black man got nearly as much out of slavery as the white man did. The hurtful influences of the institution were not by any means confined to the Negro. This was fully illustrated by the life upon our own plantation.

        The whole machinery of slavery was so constructed as to cause labour, as a rule, to be looked upon as a badge of degredation, or inferiority. Hence labour was something that both races on the slave plantation sought to escape. The slave system on our place, in a large measure, took the spirit of self-reliance and self-help out of the white people.

        My old master had many boys and girls, but not one, so far as I know, ever mas-tered a single trade or special line of productie industry. The girls were not taught to cook, sew, or to take care of the house. All of this was left to the slaves. The slaves, of course, had little personal interest in the life of the plantation, and their ignorance prevented them from learning how to do things in the most improved and thorough manner. As a result of the system, fences were out of repair, gates were hanging half off the hinges, doors creaked, window-panes were out, plastering had fallen but was not replaced, weeds grew in the yard.

        As a rule, thre was food for whites and blacks, but inside the house, and on the dining-room table, there was wanting that delicacy and refinement of touch and finish which can make a home the most convenient, comfortable, and attractive place in the world. Withal there was a waste of food and other materials which was sad. When freedom came, the slaves were almost as well fitted to begin life anew as the master, except in the matter of book -learning and ownership of property.The slave owner and his sons had mastered no special industry.

        They unconsciously had imbibed the feeling that manual labour was not the proper thing for them. On the other hand, the slaves in many cases, had mastered some handicraft, and none were ashamed, and few unwilling, to labour. Ibid, pp 16-18\par

    3. UncleRemus2012 says:

      OK Fredrick Dexter Lee Douglas. We got your point. As for raping women, isn’t that foreplay for you Boys?

    4. Al Fez Faud Skyhook says:

      If you stick around “Afghan” long they might not call you that word, but some other word that means that. You will certainly see alot of brothers missing body parts if you overstay your welcome in “Afghan”

    5. Lazybum says:

      It was your brothers that sold you to the Swedes and the Dutch and the English. Learn your history. That being said, it was the white man who fought and died to right this terrible wrong. It was a Republican President who set you free. It was Republican Martin Luther King (check your history!) who helped stop the Jim Crow South enforced by the Democrat Party and the KKK (they were one and the same-CHECK YOUR HISTORY!)

      Nobody is enslaving you now but the welfare mentality encouraged by teh Democrat Party and the Hollywood/Hip Hop culture.

      The Taliban will make you dead if they win. CHECK YOUR HISTORY!

      1. Aggie 95 says:

        and it was the British who stopped the international slave trade … was their own people and muslims who ran the slave trade in Africa back in the day and who still run it there today …..want a little girl go on over to haiti ….you can buy one cheep

    6. Curt Lehman says:

      We should have picked our own cotton. Sigh…

    7. Gregg says:

      “Momma says… stupid is as stupid does.”

    8. DCLaw1111 says:

      You, personally, have never been a slave, and you do not know anybody that has been a slave. You were not brought and sold, and your women have not been ravaged (except in rap music, and rap videos). You are not slaves in the projects, and have resources available to better your life. However, bettering your life is looked down upon in projects. It is white to better yourself. There are public schools in which there is as much money invested per student as in many white school districts, there is Head Start, affirmative action, student aid, student counseling and jobs programs…… Oh, and as someone that has spent time in the Middle-East, there is very little the locals have less respect for than American Blacks. The only thing holding you back is your own self pity, and those politicians that benefit from your misery.

      1. HansJurgen says:

        Those slaves that were sold by their own people in Africa had a better life here in America. They had their own cabins, food, clean water, … and some even became part of the white family that bought or saved them from the awful life or death they would have endured in Africa. As slaves in America, they didn’t have to pay rent for housing food, clothing – it was given to them unlike today unless they’re on the government dole. So, slaves had it pretty good compared to their African ancestors that sold them as slaves.

      2. markit8dude says:

        Don’t forget DCLaw, Black students have lowered college standards to attend a university, can receive a ‘deferment’ in Maryland (you know, the ‘#1 public education system in the U.S.) and many other states public schools if their ‘under privileged’ didn’t meet attendance, grades, testing out etc., for graduating H.S.

        Let’s not forget Black-only colleges and the many issues you’d mentioned in your post.

        73% of Black children today are born to single Black mothers. This sickening display at the skating rink, as well as the flash mobs, multi-generational welfare rats, people breaking into and fighting one another ON A WORKDAY to get Air Jordans.. this and many other actions is due to the aforementioned.

        You want to see continuing Black slave labor, check out the ‘more industrialized countries’ in NW Africa. Where 2 out of 3 people wear a UNICEF shirt and continue to speak ill of the West.

        I believe blaming Whitey for the Black people’s social suicide has been outed as B S.

    9. Gregg Velosi says:

      Buahahahah….you pathetic lil’ media spoon fed lemming. Your own leaders sold you (& for far too much, by most accounts)

    10. artemis133 says:

      Rogue Amish.

    11. James Benoit says:

      Some thuggin’ Flemish “yo,” or maybe some hardcore ghetto Buddhists – wif a beef.

    12. jbspry says:

      You folks in Detroit really need to get on top of your Eskimo problem.

    13. Buddy P says:

      Itt was a few Canadians that snuck across the border.

    14. chaffer says:

      Mennonites gone wild, again.

  4. Everett says:

    Detroit? Well, color me unshocked!

  5. eladsinned says:

    I believe a gunshot is like Aloha in Detroit

    Yeah, it means hello and, especially, goodbye.

  6. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

    Created on welfare(taxes) to buy dimo votes

    1. jerrystr says:

      This was not because these gangsters were black. This happened because they were Democratic party gang members. Race had nothing to do with it. It was just coincidence they were black. I’ll bet they all voted for BHO and were probably wearing BHO T shirts.

  7. the truth says:

    f%$#$#$g savages

  8. hazel Burke says:

    Coloreds again?

  9. pyramid says:

    Let’s review:
    3 guys with guns clearly seen running into building
    3 guys run out of camera range, immediately after that – shots fired
    3 guys with guns clearly seen running out of building immediately after shots fired
    Not enough evidence to prosecute 3 guys

  10. Commander Cody says:

    The reason the GOP is struggling in the polls is because they ignore the race issue and the violence and tax dollars that go with suppporting that community. There is no graver issue at hand RIGHT NOW. When the music stops in America(and it will)we will be forced to deal with it finally. We are living through the 2nd Reconstruction and all the accompanying black violence and black supremacy. One day we will look back with sadness over how weak we were rendered by our own govt who loves blacks and detests whites.

    1. RightStuff says:

      That’s not all. The liberals’ laws are designed to kill off the black race. Abortions of black babies happen at a three-times higher rate than do abortions for whites. Blacks are about 11% of the population, but the abortion rate for black baies is about 38%. It is called gentle liberal genocide.

    2. moreco2 says:

      Right Stuff – I think they are just too stupid to actually have a plan like what you suggest. Why would they kill their voting block? They would have to be racisssssst to the core. But that is possible because they are Demoncrats. The remaining KKK Senator to leave the Senate was an ex-KKK chieftan, a Demoncrat.

  11. WilliamPenn says:

    Obama’s base.

    1. Joseph says:

      They are only half his base; the other half are here illegally.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Had to smile at your comment! Excellent!

  12. Coon Hunter says:

    Coloreds have no self control.

  13. Kevin Stowell says:

    You go, Darwin!

    1. Larz Blackman says:

      You go read Darwin and learn what you’re trying to talk about.

      1. ar amytas says:

        yeah read Darwin and find out that he considered niggs to by a lower form of humans, if not a seperate species.

  14. Brian says:

    If they shouted “alah akbahr” then it is ok. You are racist for prosecuting them.

  15. J Moore says:

    Was dey black? Is the pope Catholic?

  16. RightStuff says:

    Could this be additional proof that Herrnstein and Murray were correct all along?

  17. John Moser says:

    I would rather change targets at a shooting range for the vision impaired than set foot in a roller rink.

  18. UncleRemus2012 says:

    Think the Old South pre-1860m was on to something? Maybe?

  19. The Bell Curve says:

    TIA=This Is Africa

    Send all the white guilters and progressives to Detroit they want to keep these savage animals around, then live with them. I am so sick of these thing everywhere i go they are disgusting animals, violent savages. These monkeys are a thousand times more raciest than any white. These animals must be exterminated. They are so proud of being African then ship these things back to Africa. Why does America have to keep these things, no other country on earth accept these animals not even sissy UK or the EU. These thing are a blight on the earth.

    1. MayfaireOquinn says:

      You are the animal. My advice – Take your BS with you to church on Sunday and ask God for forgiveness.

      1. Death of America says:

        Meanwhile, you can never prove him wrong. Must be so nice living blissfully ignorant. Blacks are savages and they prove it every day.

      2. TiredOfExcuses says:

        You keep trying to justify what is so obvious to others here. Rather than be offended by their outrage, where is your outrage at the actions of these idiots. When the back community refuses to monitor itself (which is almost always) the outcome is both predictable and divisive but, somehow, you imagine that we should all be judged equally. When blacks earn respect, I’ll be glad to give it to them!

      3. No Obama Lover says:

        Why don’t you move in next door to them and then after a few years tell us what you think. Oh, you prefer not to live next to them? WHY?

    2. OBOZOSUX says:

      I vehemently object to your use of animals as a comparison to the creatures I refer to as ghetto dwellers. Animals, my friend , do not conduct themselves like that. They are not violent towards each other except out of fear, hunger or to protect their young. I am so sick of otherwise intelligent thinking human beings using the word animal in such a disparaging manner. Please rethink your analogy. Thanks!

      1. eeny meeney miny mo says:


    3. Fester says:

      I would like to apologize on behalf of my species for the above abomination…

  20. KansasGirl says:

    Can’t wait till these people are relocated into my neighborhood.

    Gotta love “diversity”.

  21. seanpatriot says:

    God I love Black people, They’re so awesome. Especially when they move into our horrible white neighborhood and just fix everything. Things are cleaner and safer and nothing ever gets stolen or shot. WE LOVE YOU black people, from the bottom of our tiny white hearts and genitals

  22. zone says:

    Seems about time Eric Holder has that conversation on race.

  23. Malik says:

    There’s a job creator – SOMEONE has to do all the paperwork.

  24. Steve says:

    Detroit was crime free before Bush stole the 2000 Election.

    1. TomS says:

      In what alternate universe?

  25. NYGlenn says:

    Apes,,,,,,,,pure and simple.

  26. big daddy says:

    Oh yea, your Bros over in da jungle atr doing sooooo much better than us anglo’s. Can you say sewer system? Freeways? Clean Water? Farming?
    Go listen to a fiddy cent pos

  27. Phastphil2 says:

    Detroit, like New Orleans, is a “self cleaning oven” unfortunately, the “black folks” reproduce faster then they can be cleaned. On the bright side, they mostly kill themselves,niggas, gangsta’s, and hip hopper’s you go boyz

    1. ImaHippyBurning says:


  28. Maveth says:

    Yep. Just by reading the title, I knew it had to involve black folk.

  29. Paul Begala says:

    It’s almost always the pavement apes that do this…..low IQ ni ggers who don’t deserve to live in a civilized society.

  30. walter12 says:

    It has come to this, that many of the blacks in this nation today are simply out of their minds, insane, carzy, wacko.

    1. Black culture debased says:

      If it was not preserved on video, no one would believe it in 2050. I think the video age is the doom for black America. There are some appalling things on Youtube.

  31. Nicki says:

    I was never allowed to go to the roller rinks as a kid in Pontiac… This is exactly the reason why! So when I saw the link on drudge about the shootings, I jokingly told my husband, watch it be in my old stomping grounds. Sadly I was right!

  32. Chimp City says:

    Yo, dey jus be cellbratn Kwanzaa an sheeeit, noamsayn?

  33. HansJurgen says:

    Further proof of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution – some of us still look and act like apes.

  34. cbinflux says:

    Detroit and Philadelphia have far too many feral humans roaming their streets!

  35. cbinflux says:

    Any episode of Pawn Wars and Parking Wars gives fair warning about Detroit’s feral populace.

  36. leterrip says:

    What is really sad is that this huge tide of racism is going to sweep away some terrific blacks that I know. Smart, talented, friendly, non-confrontatinal blacks.

    What is doubly sad is the lack of desire or guts on the part of the race pimps like Jesse Jackson and slimy Al sharpton to stand up and boldly do what the mayor of Philadelphia did.

  37. Abraham Lincoln says:

    I was really drunk when I freed them. So sorry about that.

    1. been_there says:

      Abe Lincoln, the morning after his two-day drunk binge…
      “I freed the WHAT…??!!

  38. Bill_B50 says:

    In other words: You can take them out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of them.

  39. Tex A. Montana says:

    “Holder’s people” are now predating on whites at skating facilities. One can only assume that McDonald’s is not the target rich environment it once was.

  40. Joe says:

    I am shocked, shocked I tell you that blacks were involved

    1. Joseph says:

      Ahhh–shucks. Da boyz…they just be kickin it in da hood. No harm done.

  41. jo says:

    Only way to stop this in the long-term, and long-term is what is most important, is to interrupt the parent-child relationship from birth. Treat the people that fit into a muti-generational profile of this type of behavior or worse, with a commitment to an intensive growth-nurturing and free education through college/vocational school etc. though age 21. This program would mostly shut-out the parents from a relationship with that child to break this downward cycle. All races are the same with the same % of achievers vs. underachievers although some races carry baggage from history that suggests that they are somehow inferior. This is not true. It simply has to do with the way a child is raised. If you raise the child the right way, there will be a high probability he or she will grow up to do the same with their children and the cycle will be broken. I am tired of seeing these videos–more and more keep coming out at about 1 to 2 per month.

    1. Willo says:

      Stupid Democrat… Google “J. Phillipe Rushton”

      1. AnalogMan says:

        Like it. Concise, accurate, informative.

    2. Esther says:

      Consider once step further. $10,000 to women for voluntary sterilization. Before you all gasp…………… about New Zealand. They started it several years ago, and girls are happy with $10,000 and it cut their welfare costs way down….and further stopped reproducing these killers

  42. Steve says:

    Isn’t it funny everyone knows it’s Africans before they even look at the video. LOL Such violent, ignorant animals.

  43. Steve says:

    Detroit is a prime example of what happens after years of Republican control.

    1. Aggie95 says:

      LOL Detroit has not had a Republican mayor since 1961

    2. Buddy P says:


      Take a breath, go back down to your Mom’s basement, pause the Angry Birds game, and Google “Detriot mayors”. You will find that they alll have been Democrat since before you were born.

      Merry CHristmas.

      1. AtlasObjectivist says:

        Um… Buddy – Steve was being sarcastic. Everyone knows Detroit was destroyed by Democratic rule.

  44. The Omega Man says:

    If you are white, and do not have an AR-15 and a 1,000 round case of ammo somewhere in the house……..

    You will soon be in trouble……

    1. davec says:

      I do not have AN AR-15 or A case of ammo…


      Minimum one needs is 10,000 rounds. When the dollar collapses, 556 rounds will be the new currency.

      1. The Omega Man says:

        Coming from a guy that admits that he DOES NOT have an AR-15…..Your advice is moot….

        And 5.56mm ammo will be the item that procures whatever one needs to make his family surviVe…..FOOD….FUEL….SHELTER…….PROTECTION FROM APES

        FYI…when US forces go into battle to fight the Haji’s…….One trooper genrally carries about 200rds of 5.56mm…..So 1,000 rounds to guard the personal homefront is sufficent…that is 33+ 30 round magazines

      2. Tex A. Montana says:

        A true insight!

  45. Fester says:

    Tough to understand with that pillowcase over your head

    1. davec says:

      New branch of the Klan???

      sorry, cant resist..

  46. John says:

    Straight up cold chillin’ Kwanza froms da negroes kamoonity.

  47. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    I’ll bet you more people there have guns than diplomas.

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