By Mike Campbell

UPDATE: Police Name One Of Three Suspects In Roller Rink Shooting

WATERFORD TWP. (WWJ) –Five people have been hospitalized after three gunmen open fire at a roller-skating rink in Waterford Township during a private holiday party.

WWJ’s Mike Campbell spoke with Kurt Anselmi, co-owner of “Rolladium,” where the shooting took place. Anselmi said shots were fired around 1:45 a.m. Friday as a private party billed as an 18 and up “Roll Up” was coming to a close.

roller rink party flier1 e1324643576190 Gunmen Open Fire At Roller Rink Holiday Party, 5 Hospitalized

Flier for the party where at least 5 people were shot. (WWJ Photo/Mike Campbell)

“As people were leaving, a fight broke out inside and from what we can tell from the videos, the shooters came in the exit doors as people were leaving, just walked into the area where you can first turn to the skating surface, fired a number of shots, we don’t know how many, and turned around and ran out,” said Anselmi.

At an afternoon news conference, Waterford Township Police Chief Dan McCaw said the shooting was prompted by an argument that happened earlier in the day. The party’s promoters provided security detail during the event.

Although the rink has a surveillance system, Anselmi said he’s not sure the cameras captured everything.

“They passed one camera and there are good views of their faces and their clothing. But at the point in time that the shooting occurred, we can’t see them. They go off camera, they shoot, it all takes place within a matter of seconds,” said Anselmi.

Surveillance: See what really happened

The victims, three women and two men all in their early twenties, were taken to area hospitals for treatment. One victim was shot in the upper body while the others received grazing wounds to their hands or legs. Four of the victims are from Pontiac, while the other is from White Lake Township.

Nearly 300 people were inside the rink, which is located on Highland Rd. near Pontiac Lake Rd. in Waterford Township, about 25 miles northwest of Detroit.

Police are now searching for the three gunmen, as they interview witnesses and review footage of the incident.

Anselmi said the last time they had any trouble like this at the rink was back in the 70s.

Stay with WWJ and for the latest.

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Comments (209)
  1. Swen Karlssen says:

    Hey Hans, bad over here in Denmark too. They kill you for sneakers and try to impregnate our daughters on purpose.Who ever heard of young men wanting to get a girl pregnant? Pure evil I tell you. But the onus is on us for putting up with this. We have political types that love these degenerates over here.They protect them like the owls and wolves that are rare in the Northwoods. Heaven help us brother.

  2. paul scipio says:

    I seen 5 shot in a roller rink and the first thing that came to mind even before I read the articular or seen the video was that they were ALL BLACK. Sure enough they were, just another day in Obomaville people, this is what the entire country is headed for. We will be renaming this nation pretty soon, United Nothing…Obomaville

  3. Kazmier says:

    What do you expect from a group of knee grows. This is the accepted practice of that race, to slowly exterminate themselves through black on black violence.

  4. Ricardoh says:

    This is a black problem and they better get some leaders fast. If they keep on electing leaders like Obama they will be doomed. The whole country would have been better off if Bill Cosby had been elected president. I am afraid we are in a no win situation.

  5. freecheese says:

    Whatever happened to ‘Midnight Bassit Bow ?’

    1. Who is John Galt says:


  6. Joe says:

    Savages and animals!

  7. jnsesq says:

    Now how did I guess the ethnicity of the, um, participants? Oh, yeah: The headline. It seems that to deduce the truth means that one is “racist.”

  8. moreco2 says:

    All right guys, I don’t want to hear any racisssssssssssssst comments here! All I saw was a basketball court and oh wow was that Barry Soetoro in the foreground? Naw, he wouldn’t hang out in the hood, would he? And did I see the AG, Eric the Racisssssst there in the background?

  9. moreco2 says:

    This Dan Rather CBS comment board is ass backwards. Fake but inaccurate. On purpose obviously.

  10. jim says:

    musta been some rogue Irish nuns or a bunch of renegade Jewish accountants.

  11. Dave says:

    Wow, I am really surprised, blacks shooting each other ? The family that slays togeather stays togeather. Africanus Criminalus behaviour at its finest !!

  12. Chief Running Amok says:

    Groids, dey be crazy an ignernt.

  13. George says:

    You all know the problem…why aren’t you supporting the white separatists movements? It’s getting progressively worse in this country. Can you imagine how much better our lives can be w/out these throwbacks? Are you scared? Don’t you realize these people are of no threat to a unified white people?

  14. moreco2 says:

    Pathetic. Can’t even get the time zone right..Must be liberal “progressive” time.

  15. moreco2 says:

    And they cover it up and censor you.

  16. Fecal Matters says:

    Whites need to start fighting back and taking back their neighborhoods before it turns into ebonic land. Tired of this. They hate whitey and we are the one’s paying for their welfare.

  17. moreco2 says:

    About that time zone debacle issue. I get the feeling that CBS may have seen the light and is trying somehow to be an actual news outlet…… It’s just a feeling though, I have no proof.

  18. moreco2 says:

    See how this stupid comment board is: IT’S TOO LATE FOR MY WARNING BECAUSE TODAY IS YESTERDAY FOR CBS BS BS::::: All right guys, I don’t want to hear any racisssssssssssssst comments here! All I saw was a basketball court and oh wow was that Barry Soetoro in the foreground? Naw, he wouldn’t hang out in the hood, would he? And did I see the AG, Eric the Racisssssst there in the background?

  19. moreco2 says:

    What happened to that fake 50% approval rating we heard about from the Fake but Accurate network?

  20. J. Baez says:

    Blacks are just evil. Thankfully blacks usually just kill each other. Maybe Darwin can push things along a little faster.

  21. J. Baez says:

    Blacks are just evil. Thankfully they usually just kill each other but maybe Darwin can get things moving a little faster.

  22. jubaldog says:

    Well lets summarize: Blacks are fighting over sneakers, shooting up roller rinks, make up most of the inmate population and yet are loved by Hollywood, Black atheletes are the majority acting like criminals. Our President is off on a $4MM vacation and neither he, Holder or other Black ” leaders” give a rats’ about the “Hood” and “their people”. The Black confrontational attitude and the Welfare system are driving these people into a race war they cannot win. The deeds of man will shape his future. God help our children who will probably have to fight this war.

    1. davec says:

      You racist, they arent BLACK, they are “photonic-dermal emission challenged”

  23. William Manning says:

    ——————THE CURE—————


  24. davec says:

    Shame all those rage and gang related shootings at GUN RANGES. Where mostly White folk hang out.

    we really need to nip that in the bud.

    And decent, hard working Black folk KNOW IT. They dont like it either.

    But, savages is as savage does.

  25. Jamal says:

    There’s a reason why white neighborhoods are the safest.

  26. dooky says:

    This is typical savage behavior from the apes. They all carry stolen weapons and have no regard for human life. They are savages and must be reformed under the whip and noose.
    It is the only remedy the ape can comprehend.

    The Bell Curve had it right all along.

  27. A sea change God willing says:

    I think the only way out is for the black community to forcefully repudiate violence in their midst and take vows as such at their churches, and ostracize any practioner of violence. They have embraced gangsterism almost universally & they can embrace peace. They had better start doing it, because I can tell you whites are talking segregation amongst themselves and you can’t blame them one damm bit!. Read the above comments. Its on the way.

  28. Aggie 95 says:

    Wonder if this was over Air Jordens

  29. Joe G says:

    Every black in North America needs to be either shot or deported. I was shocked when I saw this occurred in Waterford, since Waterford is a white town. Then the video showed a bunch of n!ggers, and the shock went away.

  30. Dat_Truth_Hurts says:

    Dey see me rollin’, dey shootin’

  31. Real Rick says:

    Detroit? Is anyone surprised?

  32. AsRealAsItGets says:

    ok now y’all real talk. none of us knows why these people were shot. maybe they disrespected somebody, i dunno and neither do you. that vid is also very low quality. i aint sure this is black folks cuz it might jus be dark in the scene. all i knows is that there is a lot of racist white crackers that harp on this shiit and I’m tired of deal with it. president obama is black. we’re here. deal with it.

    1. michael says:

      president obama is not black. his momma was a pale caucasian from kansas. his daddy was a dark negro from kenya. president obama is gray. or as some people put it, half-asssed.

  33. buckeyejim says:

    Its a black thang……………….what a shock……………black people having no self control

  34. jbspry says:

    Yeah. If they were only killing themselves off this sort of thing would be a net positive but unfortunately their poison spills over into the decent segments of the population.

  35. c.moorehead says:

    Ahhh yessss… PLANET OF THE APES.

    Lock and load.

  36. A. Diop says:

    Amazing what people can write when protected behind a computer screen, also the grammar errors. Wow, real smart people on here.

    1. Death of America says:

      What do you expect when so many states don’t give us the right to protect ourselves against these black subhuman savages. Give us that right and we’ll all come out from behind the computer screen.

  37. Pauli says:

    I guess the South was right after all.

    1. noon15 says:

      The southern-jewish plot to load the new world with Africans was not in any way right.

  38. Mike says:

    They all look alike—BLACK THUGS

  39. toray99 says:

    A common denominator with this story just like the sneaker stories all over the country.

  40. Mike Gauthier says:

    What else is new, another Black thug attack. All probabperly living off weldare and food stamps

  41. Vindicator says:

    Just put a fence around Detroit/suburbs and let the enlightened inhabitants within attrit. Problem solved.

  42. tod schwarze says:

    d’uhh, typical basketball american behaviour

  43. tod schwarze says:

    maybe guns come with the new air jordans?

  44. carlb says:

    blacks shooting at each other. who knew!

  45. Rod Rangle says:

    Why are Obama voters so violent?

  46. Zod Cranards says:

    Why is it that this is a regular occurrance wherever and whenever there are large groups of blacks?

  47. Tom Edgar says:

    I guess I must be lucky, I don’t see this as a racial thing. I know too many black people that have similar hopes and dreams and face and work to overcome similar obstacles as I do to label this a “black thing”. I bet you over time if you raise any kid from any racial background in an environment of no discipline and disregard for human life, you’d see the same results. My question is how the hell did it end up like this?

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