By Mike Campbell

UPDATE: Police Name One Of Three Suspects In Roller Rink Shooting

WATERFORD TWP. (WWJ) –Five people have been hospitalized after three gunmen open fire at a roller-skating rink in Waterford Township during a private holiday party.

WWJ’s Mike Campbell spoke with Kurt Anselmi, co-owner of “Rolladium,” where the shooting took place. Anselmi said shots were fired around 1:45 a.m. Friday as a private party billed as an 18 and up “Roll Up” was coming to a close.

roller rink party flier1 e1324643576190 Gunmen Open Fire At Roller Rink Holiday Party, 5 Hospitalized

Flier for the party where at least 5 people were shot. (WWJ Photo/Mike Campbell)

“As people were leaving, a fight broke out inside and from what we can tell from the videos, the shooters came in the exit doors as people were leaving, just walked into the area where you can first turn to the skating surface, fired a number of shots, we don’t know how many, and turned around and ran out,” said Anselmi.

At an afternoon news conference, Waterford Township Police Chief Dan McCaw said the shooting was prompted by an argument that happened earlier in the day. The party’s promoters provided security detail during the event.

Although the rink has a surveillance system, Anselmi said he’s not sure the cameras captured everything.

“They passed one camera and there are good views of their faces and their clothing. But at the point in time that the shooting occurred, we can’t see them. They go off camera, they shoot, it all takes place within a matter of seconds,” said Anselmi.

Surveillance: See what really happened

The victims, three women and two men all in their early twenties, were taken to area hospitals for treatment. One victim was shot in the upper body while the others received grazing wounds to their hands or legs. Four of the victims are from Pontiac, while the other is from White Lake Township.

Nearly 300 people were inside the rink, which is located on Highland Rd. near Pontiac Lake Rd. in Waterford Township, about 25 miles northwest of Detroit.

Police are now searching for the three gunmen, as they interview witnesses and review footage of the incident.

Anselmi said the last time they had any trouble like this at the rink was back in the 70s.

Stay with WWJ and for the latest.

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Comments (209)
  1. Tim Bridgeman says:

    Here’s an idea: lock up everyone in Detroit and then make them prove that they don’t have any warrants or illegally carrying heat.

  2. Jo Thomass says:

    Wow, what a bunch of animals! Off with their heads!

  3. rod Terrell says:

    Well this gives ammo to the racist! these criminals shoot with gus and then the racist start shooting with their mouths. I read words like coloreds, savages,niggas, and other terms the let me know that the country I live in has some major problem and not just in the “black” communities. Just because you have some stupid guys doing this kind of thing , suddenly “ALL” black Americans are like this? well we could say “all” white people are racist but that would not be true also. Go ahead and sit in your basement and type your hate, we know you’ll never speak it out loud except with your racist friends.

  4. Joe bob says:

    Detroit is turning into a park. Responsible people are leaving and taking their money with them. They are bringing buildings down at a rapid pace because they cant get anyone to move into them hummm wonder why.
    They are trying to pay people to move down town. One catch tho you must have money and a education. The problem is people with money and a education wont live there what a surprise.

  5. john says:

    Whenever there is voilence in the news, it should always be assumed blacks or Muslim extremists are the source. Funnny how the person writing the article or news anchor always fails to divulge the color of the perps skin?

  6. Joe bob says:

    Cannibalism it the next stage of reverting back to there tribal roots.

  7. kcsparky says:

    After watching this and other videos concerning those butt-ugly Air Jordan shoes……What in the world is wrong with black people in this country? Can’t solve issues without murder, attempted murder, beatings, stabbings, or some other form of assault. And breaking down doors, trampling others, fighting, etc. over the ugliest, most over priced “sneakers” that I have ever seen. Senseless idiocy!!! Where were the parents when these people were growing up? This kind of insanity has got to stop! Blacks in this country have worked hard for respect and “equality” for many years. But it seems as if the 35 and under crowd is doing their incredibly ignorant best to destroy all of those gains.

  8. Enemyof Theobamastate says:

    If Obama’s base keeps killing each other he’s sure too lose in November. Oh well, no loss.

  9. Enemyof Theobamastate says:

    If Obama’s base keeps killing each other he’s sure to lose in November. Oh well, no loss.

  10. Reality says:

    Ladies,get your feral males in line before it’s done for you.That means no baby daddys and welfare checks.

  11. tod schwarze says:

    they do the same or even worse damage to the nation when they ‘votes’.
    There was a good reason for a poll tax, so that deviants with a fatal lifestyle dont pollute the choices that responsible people make. If you believe in evolution you have to understand that it wont work when the defective are supported to procreate and spread their poison at the expense of and detriment to the effective.
    Self sufficiency and survival is natures method of validating ones lifestyle choices, of course, nature, as defined by basketball americans is racist too

  12. Samus says:

    Whats that line from brave heart?” If we can’t get them out, we breed them out”

  13. FattyMatty says:


  14. Who's Yo Daddy says:

    They tell us the prisons don’t have enough whites. Where’s the violence for whitie? Does he shoot up the roller rinks, the drive-bys, or fight over shoes? So WHERE IS THE BLACK OUTRAGE??? Stupid is what stupid does. Why does their vote carry the same weight as mine? They were slaves to the plantation but today the dem’s have made them slaves to the welfare system. They sing songs about their ho’s and bit@hes because they have too many children from too many of “my baby’s daddys” in order to get bigger welfare checks. This culture is in complete melt-down.

  15. jackieaxe says:

    This article should have started with:”Don’t let this article ruin your fate in the black community…

    Seriously, its a real tragedy. Obviously not everyone was there for a shootout.

  16. Jack says:

    happy kwanza everyone!

  17. Burt Nielsen says:

    Black Americanns need to start policing and changing their own culture. 1st step, women need to keep legs closed, until a good man comes along. Not just the first brotha with a full crack pipe and new Air Jordans.

    Please understand, that racism is not born into people. It is learned over time, and is a natural survival instinct. it takes years of this kind of BS and personal experience to develop. The ball is in the Black teams court.

    I am deeply sadenned that I feel this way.

    The Democratic party and ramapnt liberalism has done this to the black population.

  18. Gas Passer says:

    Come on everyone! These are just your typical everyday nigro’s. Don’t give them such a hard time.

  19. Memphis Fat Loss says:

    its the welfare state that keeps them down and people that make money off a word called racism. herman cain was right the welfare state keeps blacks on the plantation. The slaves, of course, had little personal interest in the life of the plantation, and their ignorance prevented them from learning how to do things in the most improved and thorough manner.

    Memphis Fat Loss

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