TAYLOR (WWJ) – Hundreds of shoppers who lined up before dawn to buy one of the season’s most wanted new shoes became unruly and began forcing their way inside Taylor’s Southland Mall on Friday.

A crowd of about 100 people planning to put a pair of limited edition Nike basketball shoes under a gift tree, or on their own feet, forced open a pair of doors almost three hours before the 8 a.m. opening and stormed inside. Another 200 people were gathered outside.

Southland Security called for Taylor police, who then summoned assistance from Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Southgate and Brownstown Township to restore order. Once inside, police say there was some minor interior damage to decorations and benches that were toppled over during the scuffle.

A 21-year-old Detroit man was arrested for inciting a riot. Nobody was hurt.

This isn’t the first time that Nike has done a special limited release of a popular style of sneakers. But at the Finish Line store at Southland Mall, manager Deron Mason told WWJ’s Pat Sweeting he had hundreds of customers rushing in to buy the store’s 40 pairs of Nike Air Jordan Retro XI — which cost upwards of $180.

“That shoe, you know what, it was popular then back when Jordan dropped it in ’95. It was a shoe that was popular then after he came back from retirement and it came back out five years later and it sold out again. So, it’s been 10 years since it dropped and everybody wants that shoe like it’s a culture that everybody has got to have it,” said Mason.

The shoe sold out within 20 minutes at the store and Mason said he was offered everything from several hundred dollars to the title of someone’s car just to reserve a pair for them.

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Comments (323)
  1. MilwaukeeMark says:

    This is the behavior of undeciplined entitled people, whom their entire lives have been told by their community leaders that they are owed something.

    But let’s be honest, blacks are not the only skin color capable of being turned into animals by manipulative politicians. As an American of German ancestory the images of SS soldiers killing innocent men, women and children remind me that even the most enlightened people can be trained to revert to the most vile impulses.

    So while its easy for us to dismiss these actions as uncharacteristic of our own group, I would remind you on Christmas, not to take too much solice in that illusion, as our own groups have not always been much better.

  2. sol berman says:

    do these air jordans make me look fat?

  3. ontie1 says:

    If this doesn’t give you a indication of how morally bankrupt we as a educated nation have become, then you must be blind in both eyes. Avaricious, greed impatience, all for the sake of a pair of tennis shoes and a speculative chance.

    Time to stop the nonsense and let morality bck into the school systems by way of leaning on philosophical and religious thinking, if we don’t this nation and it’s future is going to be a miserable mess of corruption.

  4. tod schwarze says:

    they be Basketball americans, what’d you expect?

    1. teddyballgame says:

      Freaking hilarious

  5. buckbamboo says:

    I fear for the future of America.

  6. Prole says:

    Anyone see something all these pictures have in common?

  7. GW says:

    Now lets see how many are shot for their sneakers in the next couple of days.
    Anybody spare a newprt?
    These will look fly with my Vellure Hoodie

  8. sophia Weisheit says:

    This just goes to prove one thing. You can have all the affirmative action, self esteem building, reparations, and made-up history months you want, but what do you get? Just take a look at the videos, these people are right out of the trees.

  9. Tim says:

    The black urban mentality strikes again. Notice that this is another predominantly black riot.. Why can’t they act like decent human beings?

    1. Sophia Weisheit says:

      I think the answer is obvious. What was that quote about lipstick on a pig?

  10. Dchas says:

    I am amazed that these folks still had money left over at the end of the month to purchase anything

  11. Regulas says:

    Love the comments, way better than the leftist hack reporter. “under a gift tree” talk about PC running amok.

  12. J says:

    If you think it is bad now,wait till the economic crash. After the blacks loot and burn down their own ghettos they will form wolf packs and come after whitey. Most whites want to be left alone,but the predators won’t leave you alone.Only firepower will stop them. Bad idea to live near Detroit or any major city with high numbers of blacks. At The end partition of the Union will probably occur after a fierce Civil War.Half this Nation is godly and the other half ungodly. Time to separate the sheep and the goats. We need a new Nation under God.

    1. John West says:

      I live as far from these Hutu and Tutsi as possible. You are right in what you say. These people are still in the monkey stage of evolution. I am atheist but I whole heartedly agree with one nation under god. The Christian god is peace and love and that’s what I want too. And it is time to get harsh and do what it takes.

  13. Linda says:

    Nice to see our tax payer dollars being spent so well!! We should expand welfare/sarc

  14. Joe Beck says:

    What the hell is a “gift tree”?

  15. airdoc says:

    If they are doing this to get these shoes, what’s going to happen to the people wearing these shoes? Will they be beat up, stabbed or shot by someone stealing the shoes off their feet?

    1. Edward Boothe says:

      The United States committed suicide in 1865, It took for us to die.

    2. Lou Jones says:

      Jackals on the Corner

      Dancin on their hands
      and takin in the scene.

      Well lookee here– sweet stuff
      let us looka you– my my my
      we be liken your swish
      what a pretty little walk
      that’s mighty fine booty
      and that swoosh– whoa
      we diggin those fine Jordans
      but yo sweet thing
      whatcha doin on our turf?

      Jackals on the corner
      the alpha takes the lead
      circles round and round
      an evil fist of hate
      delivers expert blows
      a body doubles over
      lungs evacuating air
      scream– suck suck suck.

      Jackals on the corner
      ignorant fist of brass
      takes its turn in line
      shatters jaw and cheek
      a body drops in ugly swoon
      down down down.

      Blurry brownstone witness
      leaf-dead ficus on the stoop
      windows squeak– quickly shut
      taxi slows– speeds away
      sidewalk cracks a skull.

      Jackals on the corner
      fever full unleashed
      whomp whomp whomp
      servile boots attack
      ribs splinter– lungs collapse
      one last sigh
      a battered body yields
      nothing left to do.

      Jackals on the corner
      carryin their load
      lookin left and right.
      Dumpster in the alley
      life rises in release
      innocence reaches out—
      brilliant in the light
      an angel reaches back.

      Dumpster in the alley
      a hallowed sepulcher.

      Jackals on the corner
      dancin on their hands
      and takin in the scene.

      Brownstone witness
      Jordans on the stoop.

      (When, oh when will we stop destroying one another for the most trivial of reasons)?

    3. right flank says:

      The answer of course is yes they will! It is the prevalent culture of the Democratic Party’s voter base. Anarchy in shopping equals illegal anarchy in voting. It just comes natural.

    4. Cam says:

      That is why no one actually laces the shoes all the way or ties them. – It is so you can jettison them and run when someone tries to kill you over them.

    5. docfjs says:

      Yes all this for a pair of sneakers.
      You know before LBJ’s “war on poverty” and all the other welfare programs, the Black community had a lower rate of out of wedlock births than the white. Black communities used to have a strong identity and were dominated by the local churches. Now after 50 years of liberal handouts and policies designed to destroy the family, Blacks have finally achieved a dependency level unmatched even by American Indians.
      I am not a racist, but those videos make me uncomfortable.
      No wonder Liberals can buy the Black vote. Just give them sneakers.

  16. Christy says:

    Yet another example of why we need to keep Christ in Christmas!

  17. Kris K. Kraft says:

    Every one of them were Obama voters. All you could see was eyes and teeth…

  18. jessejacksonbabysmoma says:

    White people who live in the burbs have no idea how mean and racist negroes really are. We hate da white man.

    1. RaceWarReady says:

      And we considder you trash, garbage to be disposed of without thought.

  19. avagirl says:

    This must the Obama redistribution of the wealth program.. Hard to believe that all these kids have an extra two hundred dollars for about the ugliest shoes that I have ever seen.

  20. mesndblues says:

    The only hope for the black race is to turn away from liberal ideology and start acting like civilzed people…It’s just that simple…All your problems will vanish once you take responsibility for yourselves and leave behind this hip-hop mentality…Merry Christmas,…I hope you heed my words,…for your own benefit..

  21. psadie says:

    Where else would this happen but in the black communities where they treat each other like animals. And you wonder why we have the problems that we do!

  22. Chukkal says:

    Some day the dems are going to be paying these folks for destroying their culture…..much like the American Indians………too bad they can’t see it before it destroys all of us!

  23. John West says:

    What is wrong with you niggas. This is why Africa and Haiti are such cesspools. You people clearly have some evolving to do before you qualify as members of the human races.

  24. edwardo says:

    And you wonder why Detroit is a dead city? and they vote for Obama! Now you know what the OWSers are all about.

  25. bullrider says:

    Those shoes are not only ugly, but they look like shoes w/spats worn by blackface minstrel singers! The ultimate ‘inside joke’?

  26. john says:

    They ain’t nuthin’ but pigs at the trough.

  27. drifter77 says:

    It is just an Obamaism, that’s all folks!

  28. Who Me? says:

    And now you all seem so shocked. This what we all allowed to happen with being PC and supposedly dumbing down our educational system so those not qualified can get degrees in such useful pursuits as Journalism or English Literature or Cultural Sensitivity. Take that and get a job in the real world. Like NOT.

    Carl Marx clearly stated in the Communist Maestro the way to take over a county is to destroy the education, devalue the currency and destroy the family and religion so the State becomes all powerful we must worship for survival.

    Obama and his ilk and others before him have done their job very well. That is why you have all those idiots fighting over a pair of overpriced Chinese sneakers.

    What do think they will do when the system collapses and there is no more food stamps or food to buy? It only takes 3 days to go from social order to ciaos. Big Sis and Homeland Security have been hard at work getting the internment camps ready for you, Number 55478955146.

  29. Drake says:

    Observe the product and the market audience. Similar action would ensue following which secrete album release – The Beatles or Tupac.

  30. Joe T says:

    Let’s face the naked truth : Those people didn’t try to buy for their own use . Quite a number of them were resellers. If they could get a pair for $100, out of the store, they could sell them back for $400 and up. That profit would help them live a week or two without relying on welfare .

    All ends up in money, survival, people ! .

  31. saul says:

    Dear Santa,

    We desperately need some ethnic cleansing in the USA!

  32. Mark says:

    When the totality of the meaning of Christmas comes down to “getting” a pair of sneakers, this is how it ends up–robbery, gunfire and fights.

  33. Justsayin' says:

    You can take the shopper out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the shopper.

  34. joe says:

    Amazing throughout the country where these riots over sneakers occurred not a white face in the crowd. What a surprise. Next we will be hearing the deaths over the attempted robbery of them

  35. Camille says:

    All these generalizations are horrible. Commenting on something you only seen through the media on the depiction of a race shows how ignorant many of you are……what happened to LIVE your life and not worrying about what others do? Sad cases.

  36. DAN says:

    All black folks! I m shocked! The WELFARE STATE ON DISPLAY.

  37. blah says:

    Well white people your ancestors should’ve never brought slaves to America…now you’re stuck with the aftermath

  38. gd says:

    Dumb- a –s –s blacks. This is what is important to them? F-ing sneakers? Wow.

  39. tod schwarze says:

    basketball americans at play
    They will not go away

  40. Fact says:

    The funny thing about all of these racist comments is that not one single person would EVER say these things to a black persons face. Cowards just hiding behind a computer screen. You must be obsessed with blacks or something…weird

    1. good says:

      Once the war states there won’t be any talk. Only gunfire.

  41. dee says:

    I agree/disagree with you on a few things…you’re right about the fact that African Americans Of TODAY are not suffering directly from slavery BUT it still has an effect on African Americans today…have you ever heard about something called “White Flight”? Well it’s basically when African Americans began to move into American cities after WWII…African Americans were making their way into the middle class which would offer them good jobs, good education, basically a good lifestyle BUT because white people (during this time) had a problem with the idea of African Americans actually being successful, they decided to leave the city/urban areas and move to suburban areas…so you might be saying “whats ur point” …well when whites moved, they basically took everything with them such as their businesses, and even education. this has carried on to today and that is why a great amount of African Americans as well as other minorities can’t get the same education or do not have as much as others because its kinda hard to make something out of nothing meaning. education, in my opinion, is the key to success but when you’re not given the same opportunity, what can you do??? Some people may think “well if you want a better education, move to the suburbs with the ‘white’ people” well think about back in the day when many black peole actually tried to move to better neighborhoods but were denied those rights (its called blockbusting…look it up)….WHEN YOU’RE NOT GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY, WHAT CAN YOU DO????…you’re right about the fact that we should stop dwelling on the past BUT many if “whites stopped assuming all “blacks” were crooks, criminals and gangstas and ghetto, then maybe JUST MAYBE African Americans wouldn’t be so hooked on the slavery issue. when white people “get over it” black people will “get over it”!! …yea everyone has dealt with discrimination at some point in time but it’s easier to pinpoint whose black and desciminate against them than it is to figure out whose jewish and discriminate against them (i say that because the first thing people say is “jewish people were discriminated against worse than African Americans were”)…and oh yea Im African American and i’m a senior in a predominately white school and i consider myself to be a respectable and educated person. You say if you act decent then people will want to help you but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it…but i agree that there are worse things in the world so EVERYONE SHOULD STOP BEING RACIST and close minded because just like i will never know what it is like to white, hispanic, asian, indian, etc, others (including you) will never know what its like to be black..I WISH THE WORLD WAS COLOR BLIND!!(*wishful thinking*)

  42. .... says:

    White people are evil and won’t own up to all this being their faults, you should have never taken them out of their natural environment

  43. Chad says:

    Small sole proprietor. The first year I didn’t eat well, simple foods and struggled to get by. Now 6 years later I make enough to pay for my own dental, medical, cars, food, everything is covered on my dime. not once have I ever collected unemployment or received “MONEY FOR NOTHING” I had to WORK FOR IT to get where I am at today.. about 4 years of hard work to get decent to good income. The problem is, nobody wants to “work for it” and they all want everything for nothing.. SICK.

  44. David Axelrod says:

    Ni ggers … They’re why Africa is Africa and they’re why America’s inner-cities are violent cesspools. Way too many ni ggers are low IQ, sub-human POSs.

  45. David Axelrod says:

    Wake up America!! Ni ggers are ruining our country.

  46. Chukkal says:

    How many of these folks collect food stamps?

  47. DaveAgain says:

    More than likely most people buying these stupid things see it as a way to instantly triple what they pay for it on Craigslist or eBay. Nike and Jordan must be laughing all the way to the bank at these idjits.

    Go to any city’s Craigslist and search for Jordan Concord…Now they’re even trying to undercut each other there. What would be hilarious is when the going price gets to the retail price – or below.

    $10 worth of vinyl and glue. $5.00 for labor. What an investment. IT’s amazing the things people impart with synthetic value.

  48. DaveAgain says:

    @Who Me?

    “And now you all seem so shocked. This what we all allowed to happen with being PC and supposedly dumbing down our educational system so those not qualified can get degrees in such useful pursuits as Journalism or English Literature or Cultural Sensitivity. Take that and get a job in the real world. Like NOT.

    Carl Marx clearly stated in the Communist Maestro the way to take over a county is to destroy the education, devalue the currency and destroy the family and religion so the State becomes all powerful we must worship for survival. ”

    Did you mean KARL Marx, and Communist MANIFESTO?

    Just checking…

  49. Tyraquisha says:

    Days all be Gyphun and sheeit. Plus day bees invent’n da light bulb.

  50. RUFUS LEVIN says:


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