New Year’s Traditions Around The World: What’s Yours?

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New York Ushers In New Year With Celebration In Times Square

By Christy Strawser
CBS Detroit Managing Editor
Metro Detroiters of Scots heritage may choose to celebrate the New Year the traditional Scottish way — by eating haggis, burning juniper branches around the house and scrubbing the domicile to start the next year fresh and purified.

Scottish tradition also holds with the “first footer” tradition that says the first person to step into your house on New Year’s Day sets your luck for the rest of the  year.

Sound wacky?

Cambodians celebrate New Year’s in April with a three-day festival and an altar set up to welcome the New Year Spirit. They douse each other with colored water in celebration. 

In Japan, people laugh in the New Year, instead of kissing or toasting with champagne, as a way to bring good luck. Koreans wear new clothes and gather in the home of the eldest family member.

That makes us wonder, with all the diversity in metro Detroit — What’s your New Year’s tradition? Eating pasta, cleaning, wearing new pajamas, toasting with champagne? Let us know below in comments.

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