AUBURN HILLS (WWJ) – The Pistons opened their new season at the Palace Wednesday night with new team owner Tom Gores on hand, watching closely. Before tip-off, Gores told reporters he’s excited about the future.

“I want Detroit to be an exciting place to be and I think we have the beginnings of that because in Detroit we have some of the best people in the world,” said Gores.

Gores told reporters it’s not just about the team — he’s ready to help in Detroit’s comeback.

“We’re coming back, that’s what we’re doing, we’re coming back and we all have to feel it in our hearts. I know I do, I know this has been on my mind for a long time. I feel like I have been trained for this for my whole life, you know. I grew up in sports, I grew up in Michigan, I feel like I am so ready for this challenge to help Detroit come back,” said Gores.

Gores said he’s excited about the Piston’s future, but he won’t be as public or as vocal as Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban.

“It’s not the idea of just being seen, that ‘Hey, the owner is here.’ It’s the idea of making a difference everyday,” said Gores.

The Pistons lost their home opener to the Cleveland Cavaliers 105-89. They take on the Boston Celtics on Friday.

  1. Save Ourselves says:

    Again, Michigan and Detroit hold breath for the next Messiah to save them.

    Maybe someday all people will give major personal effort to building a regional society that works. Some do that now. Michigan needs more than one rich guy. Besides history shows rich guys never lose, e.g. Rick Wagoner and Bob Eaton. A desperate community will do desperate things. I warn Michigan to be careful of who to rely on.

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