REDFORD (WWJ) – Instead of watching football on the tube this first day of the new year — many are out hitting golf balls.

On a Redford Golf Course; seasoned Golfer Bill Smith of Westland was stepping out of his heated golf cart — to take a few swings.

“Every club is in play you want to use your putter the most – that means you are playing for birdie,” Smith told WWJ’s Kathryn Larson.

Smith says while the weather is overcast and there are wind warnings — he hopes he can use it to his advantage:   “… like anything else, if the wind is blowing hard from the right – you know – got to aim toward the left, and let the wind carry the ball as well,” said Smith.

Smith plans on playing 18 holes Sunday — and he’s not the only one at Glenhurst this winter.  Ninety golfers made it out New Years eve  — and 140 were on the greens the day after Christmas.

“We are dedicated, we have nine more holes to play and we are going to finish it out … we are in a cart with a cover and heat,” added Smith.

While some enjoyed the outdoors others were left without power by the high winds that kicked up Sunday afternoon.

According to DTE about 5,000 lost power on the first day of the new year.

Get the lastest weather information here.

For a daily forecast text message each morning, text FORECAST to 95001**


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