DETROIT (WWJ) – The WWJ Radiothon for THAW, The Heat and Warmth Fund, is set for January 27 and 28, 2012. It’s your chance to help a neighbor in need.

Over the next few weeks – WWJ Newsradio 950 and CBS will be bringing you information about THAW and how to cuts down on your bills. Scott Simon of DTE says one item in your home that usually gets put away in the winter can actually help you to stay warm when the weather gets cold without the outrageous costs.

“One thing that a lot of people don’t really know about is they can use their ceiling fans in the winter,” Simon said. “Set it at a slow speed with the blades running counter-clockwise or upward to push the warm air away from the ceiling and move it around the room without creating the chilly breeze.”

Simon adds the easiest way to save on energy bills is to put on a sweater and lower your thermostat, because each degree you set your thermostat below 72 will decrease your heating costs by three percent.

Comments (2)
  1. Michael says:

    If you lower your thermostat, the furnace will run just as much to keep that temp so what’s the point? Unless you lower it to 32 degrees, the savings will be negligible.

  2. Michael says:

    A better idea would be to stop the utilities from gouging us.

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