PETERSBURG (WWJ) – A teenager who stole a cash register from a pizza place in Monroe County was arrested after being tracked by a K-9 unit.

Deputies from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said 17-year-old Matthew Straub walked into Cabin Creek Pizza in Petersburg on Monday around 6:20 p.m., grabbed the cash register and fled.

After using a K-9 unit to track the area, Straub was located and confessed to his involvement in the robbery. He also told officers where they could find the stolen property. Police have not said how much money was in the cash register.

Straub is charged with theft and is currently held on a $15,000 bond in the Monroe County Jail.

  1. Spidee says:

    It’s sad that we still have this kind of petty crime. Often not much is taken but the damage to the business and staff can be worse.

    After i read this i was at a start-up launch for a new internet business that was demonstrating an ipad cash register. I think it worked on Androids and also laptops!

    The start up were demonstrating their card swipe and digital receipt services. It was super cool. It connected to a cash drawer but seeing how easily customers could pay using a digital wallet on their iphone made me realize that the use of cash is on its way out. Digital receipts and mobile wallets will take over. Which at the time i thought was sad. Seeing this news made me realize at least it will put an end to petty crime like this.

    The company was I hope retailers wake up and accept this kind of technology.

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