By i) Pat Caputo

And so Al Michaels is calling the Lions-Saints playoff game for NBC Saturday night.

If the Lions were to shock the world and defeat the heavily-favored Saints, does Michaels bring out his immortal line?


While New Orleans in 2012 couldn’t be more different than Lake Placid, N.Y. in 1980, and it’s football not hockey, the Saints are a juggernaut not that much different than then-Soviet Union hockey team back in the day. And the Lions are upstarts like the USA squad.

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  1. GuyB says:

    Pat, you are the worst damn talk show host I’ve ever listened to. You ask people to call in, and I call in with a few valid points about tonight’s Lions/Saints game. I barely get the first point out of my mouth and you cut me off, and then you disconnect me before giving me a chance to make any other point. Will you ever get tired of listening to YOURSELF??? For crying out loud… LET SOMEBODY SAY SOMETHING AND FINISH IT!!!

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