WATERFORD (WWJ) -Waterford Township Police say they think they know what was behind last month’s shooting at the Rolladium skating rink.

WWJ’s Violet Ikonomova reports that police say a conflict between two rival gangs is to blame for the shooting that sent five people to the hospital.

The gangs, known as the Goon Squad and First Infantry, are Pontiac-based.

Police have identified two suspects in the case: they’re looking for 17-year-old Cheyenne Ingram and Robert Lee German.

One of the victims shot was an intended target and rival to the shooters, and was shot once before in a similar incident.

Police say people have been afraid to come forward for fear of retaliation — still, they’re urging anyone with information to contact them here or by phone.

HOW THE PUBLIC CAN REACH US WITH TIPS Waterford Police Tip Line: (248) 674-COPS (2677) or by e-mail: policetips@twp.waterford.mi.us

Crime Stoppers of Michigan offers up to $1,000 REWARD for tips leading to the arrest of criminals.

Comments (8)
  1. Ron McDonald says:

    Jeez, who edited this article? A gradeschooler? The attack wasn’t deadly as nobody died, “Gangs” in the third paragraph shouldn’t be capitalized, the word you are looking for is “Infantry” (and that should have a comma after it). The comma after Ingram’s name is unnecessary. “Retaliation” is one word, and could have been caught by a cursory read-over (not to mention the spell-checker built into basically every modern program). Is this amateur hour on CBS Detroit?

  2. Joe says:

    And thank you grammar police. Who would we have to annoy and instigate public forums had it not been for your drunken mom hitting up every sailor in town..

    1. cyn507 says:

      It is a little ridiculous having a newpaper not edit it’s reports. It’s just poor journalism. When that’s your business, you should try a little harder.

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