DETROIT (WWJ) – They’re trying to put a face on a proposed change in immigration law.

Francisco Ascensia has been in the U.S. illegally for 13 years. Ascensia was recently detained, and now wants to become a U.S. citizen. But that requires returning to Mexico for a visa.

Current law says any immigrant here for more than a year who then leaves — can’t return for 10 years.

His wife Lydia says it’s been a difficult journey for her family.

“Their father – he was away for two months and it was so hard, difficult for me and my children to have him separated for two months I can not imagine 10 years – him being away,” said Lydia.

The proposed change in U.S. Immigration Rules – could benefit illegals with U.S. families.

“Well my family needs their father,” said Lydia.”We are married, we have three children, we raised our three children here, we pay taxes – we are trying to do all the right things,” said Lydia.

“I was away from them for two months and I went to sleep every night thinking about them – what happens if they don’t take me back and I can’t see my kids no more,” said Ascensia.

Ascensia is working with “The Alliance for Immigrants Rights & Reforms” in Michigan and is hopeful a proposed change to allow an end to the “10-year ban” is approved by year’s end.

Comments (6)
  1. ruben a says:

    Ryan Bates is a scammer he no help immigrants, only want job for him but dont care about immigrants. FAME SEEKER!

  2. Luke says:

    Why does the word “illegal” seem to lose it’s meaning to so many people when it’s put in front of the word “immigrant”?
    They are “trying to do all the right things”? REALLY??? Is that AFTER breaking the law for 13 years?!?
    It’s important to obey ALL of the laws, not just the ones that you think are important.
    And yes, things can be “difficult” for you when you get caught breaking the law. Our civilization is funny that way.

    1. Taylor Reefs says:

      What Deborah said is very true Luke, we all agree with you.

  3. Deborah Keitel says:

    I totally agree, there are legal paths for someone wishing to migrate to the United States yet these law breakers choose the easiest way: ILLEGALLY and on top of that they drain our money. How do they drain our money ? Government and private grants are being given to organizations such as AIR-MICHIGAN to advocate for them. Money that could be spend on some other areas more important than advocating for criminals. If that’s the case why don’t we start giving grants out to organizations wanting to defend and advocate for hang members, drug smugglers, and serial killer ? Aren’t they all criminals anyways?

  4. Jim says:

    Deborah the only one to blame for using the money to advocate for criminals is Mr. Ryan Bates. I have done so research and all he does is gather people, give them false hopes, and receive a salary for doing that. We need to stop this!!!!

  5. DonBrian says:

    Many of these “illegals” came or were brought here as children, they’ve lived in the US all their lives and have nothing other than a birth certificate to tie them to Mexico. I don’t know this gentleman’s age, but it would appear that he came here as a teen, probably to escape drug violence or to make a better life for himself (do you read the news about what life is like in Mexico for many people? Kidnappings? Drug violence?). Many of these “illegals” do the jobs most Americans DON’T want to do – I see very few Americans looking for jobs involving hard, manual labor with no benefits and less than minimum wage pay.
    Ripping apart families like this isn’t the solution to immigration problems. Many of these people desperately want to be citizens but stay “illegal” because they fear being jailed or tossed back across the border if they come forward to apply. As stated above, the law says there is a 10 YEAR wait to return. For those who complain about crime? You must not watch the same news I do…most of the criminals I see are born HERE, don’t want to work if they can steal and live off of welfare instead.
    Let’s figure out a smart solution for immigration instead of repeating political lines designed to gain votes and distract us from the REAL problems in this country.

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