Is it a good thing for your car to be called a McMuffin?

McDonald’s recently launched a new advertising campaign for its Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich that could create the next cultural phenomenon.

The commercial features a series of situations where someone refers to something as “the Egg McMuffin of” something. A young couple sit in a McDonald’s restaurant sharing breakfast when the man unexpectedly admits his love. The woman hesitates and tactfully says, “You’re the Egg McMuffin of boyfriends.” He seems pleased that she has requited his affections.

One of the more interesting portions of the ad takes place in a dealership where a sleek black Cadillac CTS-V Coupe sits in a showroom. A salesperson tells a customer, “It’s the Egg McMuffin of automobiles.” The customer quickly says, “I’ll take it.”

Calling something “The Cadillac of” something is a common phrase as Cadillac has been synonymous with top-of-the-line products and luxury. The marketing team behind this ad smartly borrows from the brand cache of Cadillac.

GM brands being featured in other companies ads may be a trend we’ll see more of as hinted on a Cadillac forum.

Will this catch on?

We searched and found many references to the words Egg McMuffin on Twitter. It looks like it’s already becoming a meme — at least on The Internet.

Maybe it should be, “The Egg McMuffin is the Cadillac of breakfast sandwiches.”

Thoughts? Discuss.

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  1. hpmom says:

    Both are yummy in about 3.9 seconds!

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