Ever dream of doing what you love for a living? That dream is coming true for members of Selected of God, a choir made famous when they were featured alongside Eminem in last year’s¬†“Made in Detroit” Super Bowl ad.

Selected of God’s Larry Callahan visited Charlie Langton on his morning show on Talk Radio 1270 to discuss the group’s rise since they started in Detroit 10 years ago. He also unveiled their Gospel version of the Eminem classic “Lose Yourself,” which is due in stores in March. See their official video for “Lose Yourself” here.

Selected of God is also playing at the North American International Auto Show.

“I knew at a young age that I was a lover of music,” said Callahan, who got his start in local church choirs.

He said an “angel of God” came to him in his mother’s living room and urged him to form a choir of people who love music. And the rest, as they say, is history.

“We are regular people, factory workers, nurses..janitors, housewives…and just entrepreneurs and we just come together to sing, just hoping one day to get a shot to do what we like to do full-time…Here we are today with a Super Bowl commercial that went across the world,” Callahan said.

Callahan, who worked as a telephone customer service worker by day, said he had never heard “Lose Yourself” before Chrysler approached and said Eminem wanted them in his soon-to-be-famous Super Bowl commercial.

But before the commercial and its following success, Callahan said he never gave up hope that he could one day make a living with music.

“There were many times I have faced eviction trying to pay for music, I have been evicted trying to put on music concerts, but I just knew it was going to break for me,” Callahan said.

Listen to the full interview with Charlie Langton here.


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