U.S. Marines To Probe Alleged Urination Video

WASHINGTON D.C. – The U.S. Marine Corps has vowed a full investigation into video posted online which purportedly shows Marines urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban militants in Afghanistan.

Read more at CBSNews.com.

  • Mors Hostibus

    The urine is waaaaaay worse than the bullet that blew the turban off their heads….riiiiiight?

    They should have stuffed pork in those taliban terrorists and filmed that.

    Do you wonder if the media will hold the skunk in the white house responsible for this incident the way they were clammoring for Bush’s head during the scandal featuring the pictures of muslum prisoners being threatened by a dog?

  • Mors Hostibus

    Do you think watching your buddies being blown apart by roadside bombs changes people? Do you think we should just declare victory and get our guys home now before any more damage is done to our troops?

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