Mike Babcock always is focused on the next day, practice and game. He very rarely seems to let achievements and personal goals go to his head. So it was no surprise that Babcock pretty much downplayed winning his 400th game Thursday night when the Wings edged out the Coyotes in a shootout 3-2. When I asked the head coach what 400 victories meant to him he responded “they are marks that you can think about later in life and look at it and be proud. It’s hard to even coach in the league to get 400 wins, never mind to be in the company of the people that are with you.”

Babcock’s next milestone is Saturday at Joe Louis Arena as he will coach in his 700th game, a mark that even he was unaware of when it was brought up. Babcock has coached a gold medal Olympic team, he has won a cup and he is considered one of the best in the game today so it is only natural that a reporter might wonder if the man known for his great hair has thought about retirement? Babcock replied “oh my God, well I’m 48, my kids aren’t even out of school yet for crying out loud and my wife doesn’t like me that much so what would a guy do? I’d drive her crazy, I got to do something! I never really thought about it much, I know I am employed by these guys until they fire me and I like being here. I’m going to work as hard as I can and try to do as much winning in the meantime.”

Babcock talked about his coaching career, retirement and other things in the game that he has no desire to do. Watch the video below as those things are revealed?


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