Feds Say Mich. Man Fooled Them In Disability Case

ANN ARBOR (AP) – The federal government says it mistakenly paid $54,000 to a Washtenaw County man who repeatedly claimed that he didn’t get his disability check.

David Lundy has been charged with stealing public money. A criminal complaint says he rightly received $18,000 in 2008 but then went back to the Social Security Administration three more times to insist that he never got the cash.

And each time the government quickly paid him, the last in December 2010. Lundy’s home phone is out of service, and The Associated Press couldn’t reach him for comment. He hasn’t appeared yet in Detroit federal court.

The government says Lundy tried to keep the scheme going. It says he was turned down on his fourth try a year ago when officials knew the checks had been cashed.

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  • shipdog7

    SS disabilty isn’t the only fed crime happening. Medicare fraud – estimated now to total about $60 billion a year – has become one of, if not the most profitable, crimes in America. Some think the Mafia is involved.
    The Social Security inspector general estimates that the agency has made $40.3 million in erroneous payments to deceased beneficiaries — even though the administration had already recorded their deaths in its records.

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