By Raquel Parks, CBS Detroit Blogger

Fashion is forever changing, providing new trends that shape the way women and men dress everyday. Personal style, however, begins with the individuality of each person. From Victoria Beckham to Beyonce, there are many starlets that have their own signature, style.

Although personal style takes time to perfect, it’s a great opportunity to express yourself. To achieve a personal style that best suits you, consider the following step as a helpful guide.

Define Your Fashion Sense

Before changing or updating your personal style, consider the items you love to wear and which items you don’t like to wear. When you have a firm idea of what you like and dislike, then it’s easy to create a look that you’ll love. It also provides a guide of what fashion items don’t fit your personal style.

Out With The Old & In With The New

A major step in changing and updating your personal style is reviewing what’s already in your closet. If you can’t picture yourself wearing something anymore, then it has no place in your closet. By removing unwanted items, you free up space for trendy, new items to move in. More importantly, you gain a clear perspective of what items you have left to work with in your fashion repertoire.

Shop, Shop, Shop!

Shopping is the most exciting part in updating and creating a personal style. It’s a chance to start over and add to what you already have. Plan an afternoon to pick a few items or more to add to your closet. A shopping trip doesn’t have to be expensive or excessive. The point is to make a few purchases that will add diversity and options to your wardrobe.

Mix It Up!

Take a chance or two with your personal style. Implement some variety into your wardrobe to keep it fresh! This doesn’t mean you have to wear everything that’s currently on the runaway. But it’s important to avoid getting stuck in a fashion rut. Adding different items to your wardrobe, can keep your style interesting and fun. Don’t be afraid of a little change.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria (credit: Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

Stay True to Your Style

The essential thing to keep in mind is to stay focused on what makes you feel and look good. The goal is to create a look that fits who you are, what you like, and what you’re about. Remember, fashion is a form of expression so let your fashion sense express the true you.

Enjoy putting together your new look and always wear it with confidence and a smile.

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Raquel is a Michigan native with a Bachelors in Journalism from the University of Michigan. She loves fashion and writing about life’s everyday stories. She has written for various local publications that include Dearborn Press & Guide and Detroit Fashion Pages. Raquel also writes for her own local events blog, Metro Diva Pages. You can visit Raquel’s blog at and follow her on Twitter @MetroDivaPages.


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