Art Is Everywhere!

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Detroit Institute of Arts

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Art is everywhere. Make your kids more aware of how art impacts their lives by starting with these questions: Did they eat cereal this morning?

If yes, then explain how the person who drew that cover on the cereal box used art to create it.

If they drove on a bus or in a car, they were riding in vehicles that were first conceptualized by designers with formal training in the arts.

The point is to reveal that everyday objects evolve from art. For example, architects use visual thinking to create buildings such as schools and libraries.

There are all sorts of connections between arts and sciences. Not only did Leonardo DaVinci paint the Mona Lisa, but in the mid-1400s, he made sketches of a flying machine and an armoured car.

When framed this way, your kids will learn that taking art class during their school years can lead to a broad spectrum of careers.

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