Farmington Hills, Michigan (January 17, 2012) – Well-known Detroit radio personalities Bob “Wojo” Wojnowski and Jamie Samuelsen join the Detroit airwaves on 97.1 The Ticket starting Monday, January 23, 2012. The duo will be heard weekdays from 6 to 8 p.m. on-air, online at and on mobile devices.

“I enjoy broadcasting, entertaining and occasionally whining, and I am excited about the chance to do it again on a regular basis. In 20-plus years as a Detroit News columnist, and15 years on Detroit radio, I have deep connections and passions about the teams and the fans,” said Wojnowski. “The Ticket is the biggest sports boombox imaginable, and Jamie and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to join the fun.”

“I’m thrilled to join the team at 97.1 The Ticket. I can’t wait to get back on the air to talk sports with the most passionate fans in America,” Samuelsen said. “Wojo has been a great friend of mine for a long time, and the chance to work with him every day makes this opportunity even better.”

Jimmy Powers, 97.1 The Ticket program director, said, “We are extremely pleased to have Jamie and Wojo join our line-up. They are a natural fit. They have been dialed into the Detroit sports scene for many years, giving fans information on their favorite teams. Jamie and Wojo will continue to entertain listeners on their way home from work or to the stadium.”

Wojo has enjoyed a lengthy radio career, previously as one half of the duo ‘Stoney and Wojo’ which aired on WDFN-AM. Mike Stone, Wojo’s former co-host, is also on-air at 97.1 The Ticket. Samuelsen hosted sports talk shows at WDFN-AM for 14 years. He recently was on-air at WCSX-FM as sports director and is a regular sports blogger at the Detroit Free Press.

97.1 The Ticket is owned and operated by CBSRADIO, one of the largest major-market radio operators in the United States. Listeners can hear The Ticket broadcast on-air, online at and through a variety of mobile outlets including the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. A division of CBS Corporation, CBS RADIO operates 130 radio stations, the majority of which are in the nation’s top 50 markets. CBS RADIO also owns and operates WDZH-FM, WOMC-FM, WWJ-AM, WYCD-FM in Detroit.


Lauren Maiman—CKC Public Relations—

James Powers—97.1 The Ticket Program Director—

Comments (21)
  1. Nicholas says:

    What’s happening to Caputo & Fithian? Moving from 6 – 10 PM, weeknights to 8 – 10 PM, weeknights? Leaving?

    1. toadhunter911 says:

      Leaving? We can only hope!

  2. chalasani says:

    Glad to see wojo and jamie, but like Nicholas said, what is happending to “Caputo & Fithian” – did not like them to start, but got used to them and will miss them if they are not on the air – please say it aint so ;). Would not mind see them take the 10-2 slot :)

    1. Nicholas says:

      I couldn’t say I would miss Caputo & Fithian if they were leaving (though I greatly enjoy Caputo’s offseason baseball talk, a subject the other shows seem to glance past to some extent). Can’t touch Karsh & Anderson. Best show on 97.1, in my opinion. STAFFORD!!!

  3. Paul G says:

    They should be the new morning show along with Stoney.

  4. Scott O says:

    Morning show has been awful since jay left

    1. Daryl Washington says:

      Getting rid of Jay was the first step in making it better. He was a tool. Now it’s time to get rid of the other two.

  5. Jake says:

    Can’t wait for the new show, Jaime is great. Pat is a blow hard, but I’ll miss Dennis putting him in his place all the time. Morning show sucks, they have too many people on air. Stoney is ok when he sticks with sports, but no one needs to hear about his sex life or his poor attempts at humor and pop culture knowledge.. gag!

  6. Brandon Pricopio says:

    They need to put Stoney and Wojo together again. Get rid of Pat, he is awful. Maybe Samuelson and Fithian in the morning?

  7. Michael says:

    Get rid of Fithian & Reiger. They are small market talent. Use Caputo as utility (infielder) fill in. and weekends. Have the morning show spend a little more time on sports and a little less time on cultural bs. Too often they drive to listen to Shepard. Don’t touch Karsh & Anderson or Valenti & Foster.


  8. Cozmo says:

    Caputo can’t even speak English.

  9. Jared says:

    Time to give that annoying tool Bill the boot. Bring back stoney and whiney wojo…….”But Stooooooooooooneyyyyyy”.

  10. Countrysunrise says:

    Since you’re making additions, and your latest is a good one, you could add the “Tom Izzo Pre-Game Show,” the “Tom Izzo Post-Game Show,” and Spartan Basketball to your line-up. I am so tired of turning WJR on, and having one of those shows on instead of a talk show!! I love my sports, but this Country is in a perilous state at the moment, and basketball is the LAST thing I want to hear when I put your sister network on!!

  11. Barry says:

    Stoney and Wojo w/Sarah in the morning… Goodbye to Bill… He is a decent radio host for talk radio, NOT for sports radio…

  12. Rob says:

    Caputo is the worst. He’s so full of himself.
    Its such a joke he thinks he’s completely objective since he’s a writer.
    Jay Towers sucked and Stoney is enjoyable enough
    Karsh and Anderson is the best show on radio….those guys are fun

  13. Michael says:

    I hope Wojo drops the annoying whiny schtick he overused in his previous radio job. That got old fast. It made the S&W show unlistenable..

  14. Mike says:

    Funny pairing these two. Will Sanderson be using Polish jokes on every show now?

  15. Joe says:

    Definitely need a new morning show instead. Stony is OK but the rest of the bunch needs to go. Sick of hearing Bill on the air all the time. He always seems to weasel his way on to whatever new show comes up. Don’t want to see him get fired, but go do something in the office. He is a pompous nerdy know-it-all!! Move wojo and Jamie to mornings with Stony Pleeeeeease!!

  16. Aaron says:

    Right Joe! It’s time for these two to start fresh in another city. They have been recycled, regurgitated and spit out over and over and over. And by the same freakin’ radio station!

  17. Aaron says:

    Actually Joe, I’d like to see Wojo and Jamie move on too!

  18. tony says:

    Wojo is the best, thank God he is back on the radio. He “gets” sports and analyzing them. Stoney is so overrated its sickening. I can’t stomach the morning show, I listen to Shepard, at least its about SPORTS! Karsh and Anderson got it right…Foster is terrible but not nearly as bad Valenti…I mean the disgusting way he treats callers is asinine. He is so “Mr perfect” that he was whining about how Verlander wasn’t a star before last year (then he won Cy Young and MVP), how Schwartz didn’t have Suh’s back after the push of Cutler (meanwhile lions won 9 straight after that)etc. Caputo? really…are you serious, what exactly is that guy’s IQ? 70? he sounds it and makes arguments like it….anyway, getting wojo back is huge and Jamie is good too….

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