By Jeff Riger

Monday was one of those days where athletes or coaches actually had something interesting to say. I have written before how that the majority of the audio I get reporting is boring most of the time. Athletes speak in clichés and sometimes I find it nauseating to even have to listen back to the sound bite to throw in our systems at work. It’s like people are afraid to give the media a quote for fear of the backlash that might come with it. And I understand it, if I was in their shoes I might play the media game the same way.

However Monday was one of those rare days when numerous sports-news makers were interesting and worth a listen.

Below I listed the top 3 audio bites of Monday 1-16-2012

-Ryan Miller speaks after getting lit up.

Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, the brother of Wings forward Drew Miller got shelled at the Joe on Monday night in the Wings 5-0 victory. Miller allowed 5 goals on just 14 shots and was yanked from the game early in the 2nd period. Afterwards Miller talked to the media and you don’t even have to listen closely to hear the frustration in the former Spartans voice.

-Tom Izzo talks about his dislike of Michigan

Tuesday night both Michigan and Michigan State will play hoops at Crisler Center for the first time this season and believe it or not both teams are ranked. Tom Izzo, in his weekly press conference was asked the status of the Wolverine/Spartan rivalry. Izzo went into about a 3 and a half minute explanation, sharing his true feeling about Michigan. Take a listen; it’s refreshing to hear a coach actually say what he believes.

-Draymond Green talks about his dislike of Michigan

It’s pretty easy to see why Izzo and Draymond Green get along so well. Just like Izzo, Green shares his hatred for Michigan especially when he or his team loses to the Wolverines. The following cut is a lot shorter than the above but I still thought it was worth a listen.

Monday was a great night for audio; hopefully Tuesday night is a great night for college basketball and hockey of course as well…


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