MIDLAND — Apollo Associated Services, a 20-year veteran of root cause analysis training and software, has launched a new suite of RCA products and services, and changed its name to Sologic.

The Sologic team combined extensive client feedback, proven RCA best practices, and knowledge gained from first-hand experience across multiple industries and disciplines to develop its new RCA methodology and training curriculum along with Causelink RCA software.

To view a video about Sologic, go to http://player.vimeo.com/video/33184940.

“Our mission remains to help clients achieve their business goals by solving expensive, complex and tenacious problems more effectively and efficiently,” said Sologic president Chris Eckert. “We are fulfilling this mission by providing our clients with advancements to cause-and-effect science and tools that improve their ability to analyze and solve problems.”

Sologic’s new logic-based RCA methodology incorporates concepts and steps that clients have asked for, and advancements in how cause and effect is understood and taught. It is designed to be intuitive, accurate and scalable for problems of any size and complexity. Whether the RCA practitioner is a novice or seasoned, the Sologic RCA method balances structure and flexibility, and enables users to find solutions that might otherwise get overlooked, especially when compared with categorical methods.

“Learning the Sologic method will be natural and simple for new students, and for people who have prior experience with RCA,” according to Sologic vice president Brian Hughes. “It builds on what they already know and practice, and integrates with and supports other programs their organization may have in place, such as LEAN, Six Sigma, ISO and ITIL.”

Sologic offers a continuum of public and private classroom training programs for RCA practitioners at all levels of experience, as well as e-learning. (For a complete training overview and schedule, go to http://www.sologic.com/rca-products-services/training.)

Students can most effectively leverage the Sologic method by using Causelink RCA software, which guides users through a logical process — from initial data gathering to final reports and resolution plans — enabling users to quickly identify causes, create accurate analyses, and develop a thorough understanding of cause-and-effect relationships. Causelink was built from the ground up to include features that clients have asked for, including the ability to quickly find more causes, as well as to organize, document, mine and share data.

Built on a state-of-the-art platform — and architecture that will accommodate future needs — deployment of Causelink is simple, and no plug-ins are required.

For more information, visit www.sologic.com.


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