LANSING (WWJ) – Governor Rick Snyder delivered his second State of the State address, titled “Job One is Jobs, and How We Get There.”

“It’s really a report card,” explained Gov. Snyder, previewing the speech earlier Wednesday. “It’s to give an honest assessment about how Michigan is doing. And the good part is we’re doing well.”

The governor’s spokesperson said the speech would focus on Michigan’s improving employment picture. Snyder was also expected to talk about education, roads and bridges.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick said the speech would be upbeat.

“He’s got a good story to tell tonight and he’s going to tell it. He’s going to reflect on what he called major accomplishments last year,” said Skubick. “But, in typical Snyder-ese he will also lay out that there’s still much to do about reinventing Michigan.”

Will Gov. Snyder bring up the Detroit emergency manager issue?

“Well, it is the elephant in the room,” said Skubick. “I don’t see how he can address the state of Michigan and not address the situation in Detroit.”

“I think he will try to lower the temperature of everybody and tell the city of Detroit and the rest of the state, ‘I don’t want to send in an emergency manager,’ he agrees with Dave Bing,” Skubick said.

Skubick said that if no budget agreement is reached Snyder may have to send in a manager, “But, he will likely say tomorrow night, ‘Don’t make me do this’,” Skubick said.

Skubick said Michiganders can also expect to hear about the Governor’s plans to change the state’s vehicle registration fee.

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Stay tuned! Following Snyder’s comment, WWJ will air the Democratic response. And on TalkRadio 1270-AM, host Charlie Langton will be discussing the speech and taking your calls.


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