By Charlie Langton

DETROIT (WXYT) – For the first time, the mother and father of missing Detroit toddler Bianca Jones did a joint interview, choosing Charlie Langton’s morning show on Talk Radio 1270 for a wide ranging discussion of the case.

Looking somber, the former couple asked for the public’s help finding their daughter, whom they still believe to be alive. Bianca was last seen December 2 when her father Deandre Lane said he was carjacked with the 2-year-old in his car. The car was recovered a short time later, with the car seat inside, but no sign of Bianca.

“Our goal today is to find out exactly what happened,” Langton said.

Mother Banica Jones said “there’s no animosity or drama between us,” describing a warm relationship between herself and Bianca’s father Deandre Lane, adding they’ve known each other 20 years and share two children, including Bianca.

They said they were speaking to get out information about the missing toddler “as far and wide as possible” in the hopes someone will turn her in.

“She’ll tell you her name is Bacon, she’ll tell you she just had a birthday,” Jones said. “She’s very precocious … Just bring her back and everything will be OK, everything will be better. If you know anything at all, please call Detroit police.”

Langton asked about the warrant pending at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office that reportedly names Lane as a suspect.

“I did not have anything to do with my daughter’ disappearance. I have cooperated with the police in every way,” Lane said, later adding: “Did I abuse my child? No. Did I cause my child any harm? No. That’s not me.”

Bianca’s mother said, “I trusted him with my daughter, I wouldn’t give my daughter wo anyone even slightly capable of hurting her…I don’t believe he hurt her.”

About Lane allegedly failing a polygraph test after Bianca’s disappearance, the mother said, “They are unreliable, they are inadmissable as evidence. I have never been given that information directly from law enforcement.”

What about the cadaver dogs reportedly hitting on the scent of human remains in her car seat?

“I do believe someone passed away in that home previously, it was a very old car seat, it had human stains on it, years and years of use from several children … And no one has turned up my daughter. I want my daughter home.”

Lane explained it like this: “When you make a broad statement like ‘detectives said remains…that could be a number of things. You’ve had pepople who previously lived there. I don’t kno whta theya ctually detected. People are taking those broad statements and running in every direction.”

Langton pressed Lane on what really happened at the scene, saying most people wouldn’t give up the car with a toddler inside without a fight.

“There is an investigation going on. I can’t speak of things that may impede the investating … People can say ‘I would do this, I would do that, until you’re in this situation you don’t know.”

Asked how he felt when the carjackers drove away, Lane said, “I’m not at liberty to discuss those things…There’s an ongoing investigation.”

The father added later he would not make any statements about what happened “that particular day.” When pressed to describe the suspects, Lane refused, saying anyone interested should ask police for information like that.

He did say police have a sketch of the suspects.

“Everything that I know, the police know,” Lane said. “I’m not here to comfort the masses. Everything I know, the police know.”
Describing a baby who loved to eat and danced around shouting “bacon” once when a bacon pizza arrived, Jones said if she could see her daughter again she would say to Bianca, “Are you hungry… Can I give you a kiss?”

Mother Banica Jones explained Bianca was staying with her father at that time because she had work to do and it was “better than day care.”

“It’s not a situation where I’m an estranged father and just popped up out of the blue,” Lane said, adding that he has seven children.

“I don’t understand why anybody would want to do anything like this,” Lane said, complaining about speculation that he was involved. “It’s one thing to have evidence, it’s another thing to have circumstantial evidence. If it’s not pertaining to my daughter coming home, it’s of no consequence to me.”


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