DETROIT (WWJ) РLong months of bloody violence in Syria is causing protests across the world Рincluding right here in Detroit.

A clash between Syrian forces and army defectors erupted Sunday, adding urgency just as the Arab League was extending an observers’ mission that so far has failed to end long months of bloody violence.

Sunday, a flash mob of over 100 people gathered in front of Cobo Center to protest the Syrian government and human rights violations.
View the Flash Mob For Syrian Freedom/Chicago below:

Ayah is part of the youth group that took part in the flash mob.

“It’s a freeze flash – so people can see what’s happening in Syria and what the brutal government is doing to its people,” said Ayah. ” The government is just killing the people for speaking up and now the death toll is over 6,000 and there’s over 100,000 missing and they are just killing children, they are killing innocent people – and people need to know and the bloodshed needs to stop.”

Those participating in the flash mob were wearing tape over their mouths. This is their second flash mob.

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  1. Christiaan Scott says:

    It would be more beneficial if they would hold their protests in Syria and not in front of Cobo Hall in Detroit disrupting everyone else who just do not give a monkey’s ass about Syria! Let them work it out over there. We have enough problems here!

    1. Mike Palmer says:

      @Christiaan, very mature comment sir… First of all, a flash mob always happen at crowded places (ex., airports). Secondly, you need to backup your comment and explain how performing this outside the Cobo Hall can be deemed as “disruptive”? If you had any clue what is going in Syria, you wouldn’t have shameless asked your fellow American Syrians to hold protests there given their people are being tutored and killed merely for being out in peaceful protests that demand freedom, democracy and the downfall of the corrupt and killer regime.

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