KALAMAZOO — ZooVision, a Kalamazoo Internet TV streaming company that offers video-on-demand and live streaming, is in a 30-day evaluation period with Dallas, Texas-based Raystream Inc. a high-definition video compression services company.

“ZooVision is changing the way people use their smart phones and connected TVs to access entertainment,” said Raystream CEO Brian Petersen. “Through this evaluation period, Raystream will demonstrate how our proprietary High Definition video compression tools will reduce the size of ZooVision’s HD video files by an average of 70 percent. That reduction will allow Raystream to drastically decrease ZooVision’s bandwidth and data storage costs. Because Raystream’s HD video compression solution shrinks HD video files without losing the pristine image quality or deep color saturation associated with high def, ZooVision subscribers will see the sharp, beautiful videos they expect. And, because of their much smaller size, those videos will start almost instantly, and play smoothly, with little or no buffering.”

Added ZooVision vice president Sean Berner: “ZooVision is excited to offer Raystream’s compression technology to our subscribers and to improve the overall IP video experience. So far our testing has gone well and we expect to roll out Raystream’s compression in Q2.”

Raystream’s technology can be used to compress previously recorded HD video files for VOD, as well as for live streaming of HD video, which is compressed in real-time, as it is generated, prior to streaming over the Internet. Additionally, Raystream’s cloud-based compression tools even work with full HD 3D videos, allowing users to instantly view the compressed video on any 3D video-enabled device.

Raystream Inc. is bringing its proprietary video compression technology to businesses worldwide. This technology drastically decreases bandwidth costs by reducing the file size of HD videos up to 90 percent, with an average of approximately 70 percent, and with no loss in clarity or quality — so they can be streamed online without buffering or stopping. Raystream’s technology puts high definition video in the reach of nearly every Internet user on the globe.

More at www.raystream.com.


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