DETROIT (WWJ) – The cost of home insurance could be going up for some Detroiters.

WWJ’s Florence Walton explains that Detroit has lost its battle with FEMA over the designation of the cities’ East-side between Jefferson Ave., Conner and Alter Road as a Federally Designated Floodplain Zone.

Building Safety and Engineering department spokesman Raymond Scott says home and business owners will have to buy into the Federal Floodplain Insurance program.

“The range is between $200 anywhere to $700 that will roughly be calculated based on the value of the home  itself and the contents to be insured,” said Scott.

Council President Pro-Tem Gary Brown and others reluctantly supported the ordinance as a one hundred-year floodplain.

The designation will also be costly for any new construction and renovations within that area.

The chance of massive flood in the area is one percent in a hundred years.

  1. Lynn Vander Meer says:

    Has this area flooded before, and if so, why? natural waterway or poor engineering? Just wondering because I recently moved from an area that would flood every time there was more than 1/2″ rain, and I mean flood like the basement filled up and there was three feet in the yard for a block and a half (yes, I lost several autos and a Harley) And this went on for ten years before the City bought us all out and I moved. We never could get flood insurance because we weren’t in a designated flood plain, so we had to absorb the losses ourselves. Pay the premium and don’t complain. I had to move after 37 years and buy a new house. They turned our nine houses into a retention pond… a lovely 1899 Victorian that I spent a lot renovating. Sad. cars, furnaces, water heaters, washers and dryers are not cheap.

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