By Jeff Riger

Detroit has been a crazy to place to be¬†over the last couple of days for multiple reasons. OK, who am I kidding? There is only one reason: Prince Fielder deciding to be a Tiger. I’m not sure anybody even realizes there are other sports still going on, nope, people just want Opening Day to roll around. Until then, fans will just watch cute videos of Prince and Cecil Fielder taking batting practice at Tiger Stadium over and over again.

But believe it or not, life does goon. Michigan actually got a road win on Tuesday night and MSU and the Red Wings play on Wednesday. And then there are the Pistons — yes, they are still playing, too. Wednesday night at the Palace the Pistons host the Miami Heat and everybody should just hope and pray for the best. Detroit is coming off a 20 point blowout loss to the Thunder on Monday night and now LeBron James comes to town.

The Pistons have actually gotten a bit lucky as Dwayne Wade will not be playing tonight, but rest assured everybody else will be. Do the Pistons have the ability at home to beat the Heat? Such a victory would add at least a little excitement for the few Pistons faithful who remain.

I would assume it will be a sellout in Auburn Hills, if not for the game alone, than definitely because T. Pain is singing at half time. Unfortunately, like it or not, there will be plenty of Miami jerseys in the building, as well.

Watch the Lawrence Frank and Jonas Jerebko videos below to find out all you need to know to get you ready for the Heat and Pistons at the Palace.


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