Jeremy Murray is a Certified Orthotist at the Michigan Hand and Sports Rehabilitation Center and his work can be seen all around the globe. Murray developed a face mask that many pro athletes now wear.

“I’d say 500 hundred in the last three years or so, all over the country and all over the world,” said Murray.

He developed the mask that was worn by Richard Hamilton of the Detroit Pistons.

According to Murray, the mask was not quite accepted a treatment until it was worn by Hamilton. “Once he wore one and wore it on a consistent basis I think it really gained a lot of acceptance,” he said.

Murray said it was then that he began to receive calls from moms that were looking to purchase face masks for their student athletes.

Murray makes each mask from hand without any computer aids.

According to Murray, he can’t believe that his work is in demand worldwide. “It’s a small little office in Warren, Mich. It’s just myself and my assistant and they [his clients] are getting this world-class international service that they just can’t get somewhere else.

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