DETROIT (WWJ) – The snowy weather may be to blame for a Delta plane that got stuck in the mud Sunday afternoon at Detroit Metro Airport.

A spokesman says the plane – which had arrived from Las Vegas, taxied down to the end of the runway, turned off the pavement, and got stuck in the mud.

Delta was able to get the equipment to push the plan back onto the pavement. No passengers had to be unloaded, and no one was injured.

Although the cause is unknown, the spokesman says the plane may have skidded as it was turning.

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  1. Steve Gustafson says:

    I was on that flight were landed at 4:00pm.The reason the jet skidded off the runway is because the runway was a sheet of ice. The jet landed the pilot slammed on the brakes we could hear the anti lock brakes system activating. The jet never stopped before it slid off the runway there was no taxiing.The jet smashed through the runway lights. When we approached the terminal after being pushed backed on the runway there were other jets skidding on the tarmac as they tried to reach their gates. Ground crews were putting sand on the icy tarmac. Delta team members were very attentive and apologetic throughout the whole incidence

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